Does Roundtree like shootouts?

Plus, does Roy Roundtree want to race Denard? And he talks about the big plays he was involved in yesterday.

Question: (With one minute to do) Did you expect Denard (Robinson) to do something to win the game?

Roy Roundtree: "Looking at the clock again and once again we're in a tough situation like Notre Dame, and once we saw how much time we had on the clock; it was like okay, we're back at it again. We just got in the huddle and just say, "Let's go, let's finish." This is what we worked on in practice, so the two minute drill should be no problem, and that's what we did today."

Question: Can you talk about your touchdown catch a little bit?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah, once I caught the bubble, I saw what coverage they were in and once the corner dropped back, I was like okay; then Junior (Hemingway), he must have got a crack on the cover down. Once he got to the cover down, I was like, okay it is just me and safety, one on one drill, that is what I went back to. Once I got past him, it was okay I just got to run, and that's what I did, I ran right into the touchdown."

Question: What happened when you got caught on that other big pass?

Roy Roundtree: "I don't consider I got caught. I was swerving and driving. Once I caught it, me and Kelvin (Grady) like bumped together. He was like, "Oh man, what's going on." Once we was running, I was like, "Okay, I see somebody, I see an Indiana player ahead of me." I was just like, okay, I'm going to keep going, and I tried to cut back across the field and cut back, and I was like dang I ain't there yet. Once he tackled me, I'm like, "We got to punch it in" … and on the one yard line, he got to get it and fumbled the ball."

Question: Is it weird to go from feeling almost unstoppable early to there like in the third quarter where you guys had some chances and it just wasn't clicking."

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah they played very, very well against us defensive wise. They came in, the beginning of the half and it was like, we can just run through these guys, but in the second half, they really like switched it around and they was running with us. Their offense was scoring, our offense would score. It was really just an offensive day today. We just got to look at film and just improve."

Question: You've been in a foot race with Denard in practice, have you ever just challenged him?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm not challenging Shoelace in no footrace (laughter)! That's just me, I'm never going to race no Shoelace. I let the Big Ten schools do all that running. I'm just going to play on this side and keep blocking for him and catching his balls."

Question: What problems did the Indiana defense give you in red zone situations?

Roy Roundtree: "It was like they were blitzing a lot. They were coming from off the edge, bringing the safeties down, and they were converting us, stopping us in the red zone. But in the second half, we went in and made up for the mistakes that we had down in the red zone. So we just improved that and came back out in the second half and executed right."

Question: Is there a concern having to win shootouts, or is it just fun for you guys?

Roy Roundtree: "Naw never. We don't like shootouts. We just want to go in and play Michigan football and get it out of the way, but today it was just a shootout. We going to watch film and come back Monday and just practice."

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