Mike Martin on the 3-man rush; MSU

Mike Martin talks about playing some defensive end, about playing a three man rush, and about getting ready for the big game this weekend.

Question: Did you play a little defensive end today?

Mike Martin: "Yeah."

Question: Do you like that? I mean you weren't double teamed as much.

Mike Martin: "It was fun. It was different. It was something that the coaches had put in late in the week, so I really didn't get a chance to run it in practice, but it was a lot of fun. (Ryan) Van Bergen, he did a good job down there at nose. It was different for him. We were able to adapt and to change to what coach wanted to do."

Question: Obviously, the numbers weren't great, but was there anything that you guys can take out of this or was it just a rough day out there?

Mike Martin: "There is always something to learn. You're never going to play a perfect game. We've got a lot of work to do. So we are just going to go and have a great practice next week. Go back to the drawing board, and we've got a big game coming up this week back at home. So we've just got to prepare and do the best that we can."

Question: What was the biggest problem you think for this defense?

Mike Martin: "We just got to play harder. We got to have more focus. We do have a young defense, but guys are learning each week and getting better, which is the key. So we just got to make sure that we get better and control what we can control."

Question: Is it frustrating for you to operate in the three man rush or is the pay off when you get through more than enough?

Mike Martin: "If you can get some pressure on the quarterback using a three man rush that's pretty good. We try to pride ourselves on being able to do that, being able to have more coverage back there on the back end. Being able to help out our secondary. We got some good experience up front, where I think we can do that. We just got to keep getting better and continue to do what we've been doing."

Question: What is it like to be on the sideline for so short a time; it is not like three and out and punting, but your offense is so quick, is it any different?

Mike Martin: "They are efficient and I think we were on the field for I think 98 plays. Our offense puts us through some good conditioning during the week. I'm pretty sure we're one of the best conditioned defenses out there. We also have depth. We have guys that can come in and give us a blow on the defensive line. I know for a fact, Adam Patterson, Jibreel (Black) is doing a good job, and Renaldo (Sagesse) is getting in there and getting some reps. So we got guys that we can fall back on and rely on."

Question: Do you think that you can keep people from saying that this is a team that just has to outscore Big Ten teams?

Mike Martin: "No. The defense is going to step up. We're going to get better and step up each week and be ready to play. The offense has a lot of confidence in us and we have a lot of confidence in them. No matter what happens, we are just going to play as hard as we can. We just got to move on to the next week."

Question: You just finished a tough game today and you're going to play your rival next week. What things does Michigan State pose offensively for you defensively?

Mike Martin: "Just got to look at some film. They're a good team. It's a huge week and emotions are going to be running high this week during practice. I know Tuesday is our hard day back in Ann Arbor, so the offense is going to be pushing us and giving us a good look and vice-versa, so I think we are going to play on of our best games coming up this week, and Michigan State is going to do the same since it is such a huge game."

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