Michigan Hockey to Face Maine

Michigan Hockey will face Maine in the Midwest Regional of the 2003 NCAA Hockey Championship. The game will be held at Yost Ice Arena on Saturday (March 29th), at 3:30pm. Head Coach Red Berenson, Jed Ortmeyer, John Shouneyia provide comments on the up-coming matchup.

Tickets for the the game may be purchased from the University of Michigan Athletic Ticket Office by calling (734) 764-0247. It is also possible to buy tickets online.

Head Coach Red Berenson

On the entire selection process:

"Some of the coaches are more academic then I am, they are more involved in the process. I am more involved in finding out who we play and getting to ready to play."

On facing Maine in the opening round:

"Maine is a good team and they are having a great season. I saw them as a top four team most of the year, until the tournament when they dropped out. I could see them as a No. 1 seed if they won their first round. I know they have a lot of seniors, a lot of good forwards."

On preparing players for another regional at Yost:

"It's a different team, a different opponent, a different season, but it's still the same opportunity, too. Hosting the regionals is an advantage but you still need to play well. That's what happened last year, we played well -- that's number one."

On Colorado College:

"They are bringing the best team in the country, in my mind, to Yost. The fans are going to get to see the No. 1 team in the West, but really they could be the No. 1 team in the country. That will be a formidable opponent for Wayne State."

On the influence of winning the CCHA Tournament on the Midwest Regional:

"We've seen it work both ways. We've lost in the tournament and bounced back and played well in the regional games. You just need to take the situation and make the best of it. I think we need to build on the momentum and the emotion we had last night. I think it's good, we feel a lot better and we are more confident. I think the team knows what they have to do, and what they can do against tough opponents."

Jed Ortmeyer

On Michigan's draw in Midwest Regional:

"What can you say, we got a tough draw. We knew we'd get a tough draw, but we're at home and we have the fans. We're going to have to beat them anyways, we might as well do it at Yost."

On first-round opponent Maine:

"We know nothing. We'll have to get some videos this week and study them. We haven't seen them all year but we know they are obviously a good team."

On Michigan's seeding:

"We really didn't have that much of an idea coming in. We thought we might get a two seed after winning last night. But we can't argue with it, all we can do is go out and play."

John Shouneyia

On Maine:

"We knew we weren't going to get an easy game, and we know they are a higher seed than us. Everyone likes Maine a lot and we think they are going to be a great team and give us everything they've got. We need to be ready for that and prepare well this week."

On Yost's atmosphere:

"I think that anyone who steps into Yost, in this atmosphere, is going to be a little bit surprised. I'm sure they've played under tough conditions before though."

On history between Michigan and Maine in the NCAA Tournament:

"Personally, going back to freshman year and they knocked us out, so personally I think some of us owe them. As a team we know the history has gone way back."

On the team's confidence coming into the tournament:

"It was really important for us. It's something we've talked about all year, winning the playoffs and then coming into the stretch run and feeling good about ourselves. But that's all over now, so we just need to get hot again."

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