Nealy looks forward to visit to the Big House

Monticello, Florida running back DeVonrick Nealy has visits set up for the next few weekends. He talks about those visits and his soon-to-be visit to the Big House.

"I can't wait!" were the words uttered by DeVondrick Nealy out of Florida. This week he will be visiting Michigan as they prepare to play one of their biggest rivals, Michigan State. If there ever is a week to visit Michigan this is it. Nealy will have the chance to see the fans, the tradition, as well as the emotion of the game.

"It is going to be excitement at Michigan. I want to see how the fans react, and for me the main thing is the college atmosphere. For my first official it's going to be something to be at a place like that (Michigan). I want to see what the Big House is all about."

DeVondrick sees what Michigan has to offer and that is what peeks his interest with them.

"I like that they have the biggest crowds. Michigan offers you everything, academics and football. Michigan has impressed on the football field, Denard has been incredible out on the field. I fit in their offense really good, that is what the coaches have told me. And I feel that Michigan is very interested in me."

Nealy doesn't just want to be a one-position kind of player -- he feels he is versatile enough be used all over the field.

"I can turn a five yard catch or run into a ninety yard play. I believe I can do it all -- I am a shifty back and I would like to play multiple positions. I will play the slot receiver or running back. I'll get in where I fit in on offense to reach my full potential."

With 20 offers he has narrowed his choices down to just five and has criteria of what he is looking for in colleges.

"Arkansas, Michigan, Auburn, Minnesota (Oct. 23 visit) and Texas Tech are the colleges I am considering."

As far as what he's looking for in making his decision, he says: "I want to see how players get along with each other; I would like to see what school has the smallest number of upperclassmen. I am ready to go through the recruiting process to choose the right school."

DeVondrick is taking his time in regards to his decision. It could be soon or it could be later -- either way he doesn't appear to be in a rush right now.

"I will be making a decision sometime before Signing Day."

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