Michigan Back in Hunt for Lyons

Ft. Lauderdale Dillard's Wayne Lyons trimmed his list of favorites a month ago. The Wolverines didn't make the cut at the time but continued to recruit scout.com's 6th ranked safety in the country. Their persistence has paid off as the Wolverines are now back on his list and in the mix for an official visit.

Eugene Hankerson:  How has your season been going?
Wayne Lyons:  "I've been good, I got hurt though."

Eugene Hankerson:  What happened?
Wayne Lyons:  "In my game against Cypress Bay (Last Thursday) a player hit me, it was a dirty hit."

Eugene Hankerson:  What's the injury?  How long are you out for?
Wayne Lyons:  "I'm out 6 weeks with a tweaked mcl." 

Eugene Hankerson:  I'm sorry to hear that.  How are you doing?
Wayne Lyons:  "I'll be alright.  I'm just going to hit the weight room hard and get rehab therapy."

Eugene Hankerson:  It sounds like your keeping things in perspective.  I got the message you sent me, what's going on with your recruitment?
Wayne Lyons:  "I've been talking to Michigan and might take a visit there."

Eugene Hankerson:  Has a date or game been discussed? 
Wayne Lyons:  "Not yet, I'm going to talk to "Shoelace" and see what's up."

Eugene Hankerson:  Did you have a chance to watch him play this season?
Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah I be tuned in every week (laughing)!"

Eugene Hankerson:  Have you talked to your boy Denard lately?
Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah, he called me last week."

Eugene Hankerson:  How did the conversation go?  Did he give you a recruiting pitch or was it just a normal conversation between friends?
Wayne Lyons:  "He was telling me that I should come check it (Michigan) out."

Eugene Hankerson:  What about the coaches, how often do you talk to them?
Wayne Lyons:  "I've been talking to the coaches, I talked to them today (Sunday)."

Eugene Hankerson:  Which coach did you talk to?
Wayne Lyons:  "A lot of them (laughing).  I talked to four different coaches, they were in the office."

Eugene Hankerson:  They obviously had a lot to say.
Wayne Lyons:  "They were saying how they really need defensive backs and want me to come on a visit."

Eugene Hankerson:  Was Rich Rodriquez one of the coaches you talked to?
Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah, I talked to him today (Sunday) too."

Eugene Hankerson:  You've been official visits to Notre Dame and UCLA.  Who are the other schools fighting to get a visit?
Wayne Lyons:  "Nebraska, Stanford, Michigan, and Tennessee."

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