Full Transcript: Denard doesn't take the bait

Denard skillfully avoids taking the bait on talking about MSU, or about his health either. He does talk about the O-line and about Roy Roundtree though.

Question: How you feeling today health wise?

Denard Robinson: "I'm feeling good, alright. I just got done lifting."

Question: How is your experience this year compared to last year just being around, going around campus and going to class?

Denard Robinson: "It's a little different. Everybody notices me and it's alright, I love people, so it is not that bad."

Question: Is it strange though?

Denard Robinson: "Sometimes but not too bad."

Question: Give us an example of when it might be strange?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. I don't want to put anybody out, so I don't want to talk about that."

Question: Do the numbers and stats that you're accumulating, are you amazed at the end of the game when you hear what the stats are and the records?

Denard Robinson: "I try to stay away from listening to the stats and all that stuff. I really don't care about that."

Question: Some people would look at their linebackers and say that's going to be a little bit different challenge because of their speed. Do you have any read on them at this point across the board at Michigan State?

Denard Robinson: "They're a great team. They're a physical team and they come to play. It is going to be a hard game."

Question: Can you talk about their linebackers? Have you seen much film on them? You saw them a little bit last year, but do you have any sense on them, because that is going to be considered a pivotal point.

Denard Robinson: "It is going to be a big game. I can't really talk about it right now."

Question: Can you talk about Roy Roundtree and the way he has improved and become kind of a big time receiver here.

Denard Robinson: "Roy, just give him the ball and he'll make something happen. He made guys missed and he will for sure catch it. He catches the ball all the time and he's a big time player."

Question: Is he one of those guys that you don't necessarily have to worry about the pass being perfect, he is going to make something happen if it is in the vicinity?

Denard Robinson: "We can do that with all the receivers but he is standing out, he's standing out right now."

Question: Can you talk about your ability stay healthy, how durable you are and the more physical games, maybe like Michigan State worry you a little bit?

Denard Robinson: "I guess every Big Ten game is going to be a big game like that and I've been working out. I got treatment and do everything to take care of my body."

Question: Is this just the next game on the schedule or is there something special about Michigan State?

Denard Robinson: "I mean it is Michigan versus Michigan State, it don't get no better than that. It is a big time game and it is going to be a great game, a hard fought game."

Question: At the end of a close game like you had against Indiana or Notre Dame, do you get nervous at all, do you kind of enjoy taking the moment for a second or do you not even think about the stakes?

Denard Robinson: "You just got to focus and stay calm. You know your teammates are ready to make plays and just try not to make too many plays yourself. Don't try to do overdo stuff."

Question: What do some of the instate guys tell you about rivalry, because we know you come to it from the outside; what did they tell you to get you excited about it?

Denard Robinson: "They just know that everybody just gets pumped about this game I guess, and it is a big game."

Question: You said that you don't really look at the stats and what not. How do you stay away from the Heisman talk and the numbers and all that kind of stuff; how do you stay humble?

Denard Robinson: "Just don't watch it. Don't read it. Just stay away from it."

Question: Your nickname is getting you a lot of national hype, is anyone sending you shoelaces or can you tell us any stories about them?

Denard Robinson: "I don't have any stories about shoelaces and nobody is sending me shoelaces or anything like that. There ain't nothing bad about it."

Question: Do your teammates call you that now?

Denard Robinson: "Some call me Denard, some call me Shoelace, some call me Lace."

Question: What do you remember about being on the sideline last year and watching the team in the final minutes of the Michigan State game?

Denard Robinson: "Towards the overtime or…?"

Question: Towards the end of regulation when he is leading the drive.

Denard Robinson: "I was playing with him. I was playing with him and that's how I felt. I felt like I was in the game and just playing with him. He was making the right decisions. He was playing well."

Question: What have your coaches told you about getting out of bounds, getting down, avoiding hits that you don't need to take at the end of a play.

Denard Robinson: "My teammates and all my coaches have been telling me that. All the teammates telling me to avoid hits that you don't need to take. Take care of your body, just make sure…you don't have to do everything."

Question: Are you always aware of where Greg Jones is; do you take special precautions knowing that a guy like that is on the other side of the ball?

Denard Robinson: "That's Greg Jones. He's a physical player, he's fast and he can hit. You always got to have an eye on him, but you always got to have your progression. As a quarterback you got to read everybody else, not just one player."

Question: Have you ever had a linebacker try to shadow you? Is that possible, has anyone tried to do that?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. I don't think anybody did it so far, but we'll see."

Question: Talk to me a bit about where your mind sort of caught up with your athleticism. You've talked in the past about how you wouldn't look at multiple reads, you would just run and coach talked about how you went from last year through spring to now, was there a point where things just really started slowing down and started clicking for you?

Denard Robinson: "I was able to run the offense. This is the offense and being able to run it and do what the coaches tell us to do and what it taught us to do. That's the biggest thing, and being able to read defenses."

Question: You're still just five games in, in what ways can you get better?

Denard Robinson: "I made some bad reads and I kind of overthrew a couple of guys. There is always time for improvement."

Question: How do you feel on a Sunday after a game like that?

Denard Robinson: "I feel pretty good. I felt pretty good, not too bad."

Question: Can you talk about your offensive line and how well they've performed.

Denard Robinson: "They've been performing. They've been coming on every Saturday and that is who I got to give thanks to all the time, them and God and the coaches."

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