Full Transcript: Roy Roundtree having fun

Slot receiver Roy Roundtree talks about having fun out there, about "too fast" Shoelace, and about the MSU rivalry.

Question: How is Michael Shaw doing?

Roy Roundtree: "Mike Shaw is doing good. He came back from the game Saturday and he was like, yeah man I'm ready for Saturday, Michigan State. I told him just keep getting treatment and get in there and let us watch film, come Monday today, just got to go in there and watch film and get ready."

Question: Tell us about this weekend's game; two of you guys went for over 100 yards receiving that is the first time it has happened in the last two seasons.

Roy Roundtree: "We were out there having fun. When we're out there, we really don't know the stats or what not. We just be going out and play Michigan football. To see that at the outcome when Junior (Hemingway) was there and caught the ball, I was like man okay. You had a great game today, and after that when he waere talking, he was like man, I got over 100 yards. I'm like what!!! That's good (laughter). So I was happy for Junior Saturday."

Question: Is there anything you remember about the agony of leaving the field over the last two years after the Michigan-Michigan State game that sticks with you?

Roy Roundtree: "Oh man, it was bad, definitely last year. What happened last year was last year. It hurt – all of us. But we know what we got to do to get ready for Michigan State. That's where our focus is at."

Question: Can you talk about the involvement this year and maybe moving closer to becoming the go to receiver.

Roy Roundtree: "Just the hard work in the offseason. I keep working hard and just listen to what the coaches are telling us what to do, just staying in the film room getting better, seeing what the defensive schemes are doing and just showing on Saturdays, but I just know I got a lot to prove."

Question: You talked about having fun, has that been part of the improvement, the fact that you are able to kind of stay loose out there?

Roy Roundtree: "We're just out there playing now. Everybody knows what they got to do. The assignments, reading the defense -- Coach Rod gets us prepared well, each game. This week is just like a different intensity level, so we got to be ready."

Question: Do you remember when you were playing with Denard (Robinson) and you realized his passing game had gone to a different place like maybe the place that it needed to be to start.

Roy Roundtree: "When Denard first got in, he was still learning, and once his throwing got down … I would say during spring practice. He would always stay extra and was working on the timing with the wide receivers and it helped him be a great fine quarterback. So he just always wants to get better and that's what he is doing."

Question: How do you see and feel the different intensity this week?

Roy Roundtree: "Come on man, it is Michigan State. It is rivalry week and we know what is at stake right now, two schools from Michigan and what they have been doing to use the past two years just ain't fun for us. We know that we just got to have our mind right and focus on our opponent this week."

Question: Coach was talking about how the more you win, the bigger the games get. Is this the biggest game that you've played at Michigan?

Roy Roundtree: "The biggest game? I think so at Michigan Stadium, outside of Ohio State last year, but this is another big game for me and for Michigan football team period. We just got to go in there this week and just argue it but there is a lot to improve and get better."

Question: As far as what is on the line…I guess a bowl game would have been nice last year with a win over Ohio State but just the fact that Coach Rod wants to compete for a Big Ten Championship and you could knock off two or three birds here with one win here.

Roy Roundtree: "You're right we can. We just got to be ready. It is all preparation. We put ourselves into this week, again looking at Michigan State and finding weaknesses, and it is up to us to do the job Saturday to do both those things, stay undefeated and clinch eligibility for a bowl game. We're not letting anything bother us, we know what is at stake."

Question: Coach Rodriguez said that you have a great feel for the game; how long did it take you to develop that here?

Roy Roundtree: "I would say maybe last year once I got in. Once I got in, I was a little nervous…I still get nervous each game so it doesn't really bother me. Just start learning, start doing extra, start listening to the coach telling me what to do, and spend extra time looking at my opponent. That is what I did and I just got developed, and I'm just so confident each play that I'm out there and what my assignment is and what I'm supposed to do."

Question: How do you balance confidence with being nervous before every game?

Roy Roundtree: "I just think about…I've gotten nervous ever since I was younger. I get nervous. So once I'm out there and that first play is out of the way I'm good, I'm back regular."

Question: What has been like to play against Denard in practice the last couple of years and when you guys are on the sidelines because you're not on the field, are you ever laughing because so many think they got an angle on him and they can't catch him?

Roy Roundtree: "Shoelace is just too fast. When we in practice, he does the same thing, he just runs. That's what Coach Rod is telling him, run straight -- and once he runs, he runs."

Question: Is it mind boggling the video game numbers I call him that he is putting up each other week?

Roy Roundtree: "It amazes me too each week to see him develop like what he is doing, showing everybody how well he prepared for each game and he is still working. It is five games, but we got to keep going, keep going."

Question: Does the offense take it as a challenge that there are much tougher defenses still to come and to take that challenge to put big numbers against better defenses?

Roy Roundtree: "Each defense we've played against this year is pretty tough. We just got to wait and see Saturday and see how Michigan State plays against us."

Question: How confident are you that if Denard were to go down that the other guys could step in and keep the offense rolling?

Roy Roundtree: "It showed Bowling Green week -- Denard went down and Tate Forcier and Devin Gardner stepped in and they still showed poise. That just shows around our team -- if somebody gets hurt, the next person has got to know what they got to do and go out there and show everybody that they know their assignments … and that's what happens when you have three great quarterbacks on this team."

Question: There is one ESPN columnist today who said that Denard is the Heisman frontrunner. Do you guys tease him about that or is all that unspoken, or a little joshing or ribbing?

Roy Roundtree: "Nope not at all. That is five games. That's five games that he has shown what he has been practicing on. He really doesn't get into that. Denard Robinson is so humble as a kid, man. As a kid, he is humble. He always wants to get better. This week, he has got to get better and get us right, practice well, go out there and practice and have fun."

Question: Is his work ethic and his attitude kind of motivate you guys the way he leads by example?

Roy Roundtree: "He's the leader of the offense. Every time we out there at practice, he's, "Let's go, let's go fellows, let's get better." So as a skill player, you like to hear that, somebody to motivate you as a quarterback, and so young of a guy that he is, and it just helps a lot. That's how he is in the game. "Let's go out here and score," and that's what we're doing."

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