Full Transcript: Mike Martin jaws on the DL

DL Mike Martin talks about sharing DT and DE with Ryan VanBergen, about MSU, about the verbal battles between the OLs and DLs, and about Denard.

Question: Can you talk about the play you made on Ben Chappell when you got the sack for the 15-yard loss.

Mike Martin: "It was an exciting play, a big play for our defense. I think my teammates played well, the secondary did a good job of holding off their offense and I was able to get back there and make a play."

Question: You look forward to a game like this more than one were the quarterback is going to throw 64 times?

Mike Martin: "I'm excited about this game. It is Michigan Stat. It is a huge week. It is a big game for us, both teams. I'm excited to get practice going this week. Like I said, it is a huge game and we're excited to be going."

Question: Being an instate guy, do you hate Michigan State growing up?

Mike Martin: "I always grew up watching Michigan. I loved Michigan through thick or thin. I never wavered from the Blue. I never really liked the color green, so I can't wait to play for our team and get ready to go."

Question: As a guy with so much pride in this football program and this university, how bad does it hurt to lose the last two years?

Mike Martin: "It's tough, but it is going to help us play even better on Saturday, help us prepare. We're going to get into the film, get coached up and get ready to play our best on Saturday."

Question: It has been over 45 years since Michigan State has beaten Michigan three years in a row. I know the past doesn't mean anything, but are you guys even talking about that, not want to be the team that does lose three in a row to them?

Mike Martin: "We do remember what happened in the past and the past two years have been hard, but like I said it has made us a better team and brought us closer, as teammates and coaches. We can make it through anything I feel. So we are just going to prepare and get ready for Saturday and control what we can control."

Question: So that stat does not mean anything special to you?

Mike Martin: "I actually did not know that. It was the first time I was informed of that. We would like to not have that happen."

Question: Is the fact that you guys have a chance to get to a bowl game for the first time in three years make this game more significant?

Mike Martin: "That's one of our goals as a team is to get to bowl game of course and to compete in the Big Ten obviously and to win the Big Ten. That's every team's goal in the Big Ten. If we can just control what we can control and practice this week and have a great week of practice and play the best we can on Saturday that's all you can ask for."

Question: How good is their running game with the three backs that they rotate in and out; how tough of a challenge is it to try and contain them?

Mike Martin: "They have a good offense. I'm going to get in and watch some film. I watched a little bit. I haven't really been able to sink my teeth in to it; it is early in the week. Like I said, we are just going to prepare the best we can. The guys are getting in the film room on their own, watching film. We got groups that are going in, trying to get guys in that when time isn't scheduled with the coaches just trying to see them on film as much as we can and make sure that we prepare the best way that we know possible."

Question: This is the first time since 1999 that both teams are going into this game, do you like that or do you not even pay attention to what they do or are you happy that they are 5-0 as well to make this game…?

Mike Martin: "I love the fact that they are undefeated. It just makes this game even bigger. I think it ensures that we're going to get their best on Saturday and I wouldn't want it any other way. I want their best and I'm sure they want our best. So both teams are going to play as hard as they can."

Question: Who is the best offensive lineman that you have faced?

Mike Martin: "I'll just say (Dave) Molk on that."

Question: Just in practice?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. Is that just in the league, I guess it is in your career. Penn State's center is a good center. I'll give it to him. Penn State's line, they had a good line overall."

Question: When you line up on the ball do you make facial expressions that might scare your opponent?

Mike Martin: "When I get winded out there, I've seen some still pictures of me that have been taken of me before the snap of the ball, it scares myself. I can't believe that I make those faces, but it would be nice if it scared them, it would help me out a little bit."

Question: This guys plays the offense line and defensive line and he wants to make the shift to primarily a defensive player, what is the most important thing? I don't know if you ever played offensive line, but the biggest different between offensive and defensive line play?

Mike Martin: "Well if you want to play the defensive line, especially, you got to love to hit. O-line, they are good at patty-caking out there, blocking a little bit, but D-line you got to be ready to hit and lay the wood someone."

Question: How important are creating turnovers?

Mike Martin: "That's a big emphasis that we make on our defense. Coach Robinson always talks about it. If you can get the ball in your offense's hand, more than the other team that is always a big advantage. We practice on strip drills, in practice and like I said, coach emphasizes it and we try to do it as best as we can."

Question: Moving you around the line a little bit, is that just to try to create mismatches and try to get you in the backfield?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. It is a different look. Whenever you can give a different look to the opposing team, I think it confuses them. I think it was a lot of fun. (Ryan) Van Bergen did a good job at nose guard down there and we talked about it after the game, and he said that he has got to get used to it down there. I said the same thing about being out there because that was my first time. It was fun. We're going to practice it this week and play the best we can on Saturday."

Question: In the trenches, there is a lot of yapping going on that the media will never know about. Is there more in a game like this than any other game?

Mike Martin: "I think so just because of how much emotion there is in the game. It is very personal. It is instate. I know a lot of guys on our team know guys on their team just because of being instate playing guys or against guys in high school. There is a little bit more talking and stuff like that. I think it will stay between us and won't get to the media. It is fun, a lot of fun."

Question: What kind of challenge does Michigan State's offensive line present to you guys? Is it the best line that you've played this year do you think?

Mike Martin: "Every team is different as each year goes on. On film, they look good but you won't know until we play them obviously. I know they've probably improved as well as we have as well. They look athletic and they're going to play hard I know that. That's the big difference about this game. Watching film, the games that they've played thus far is going to be totally different than Saturday, same with us. Because it is just different. It is Michigan-Michigan State so it is a huge game and we're both excited."

Question: Do you know how many plays you played last week?

Mike Martin: "No, actually I don't. I know the defense, it was 98 plays total plays defense that we played. Adam Patterson does a great job of coming in and he does a good job when he goes out there. So mean and him have each other's back all the way."

Question: When you're with teammates whether it is in the locker room or in Schembechler Hall or just out and about; what do you guys talk about after this five and oh start? Do you let yourself think let us go win a Big Ten Championship; do you even say that to yourself, we're in a position to continue to do this?

Mike Martin: "Oh yeah. We always remind ourselves of our goals. I think that's what you need to do if you want to obtain something. Keeping a goal in sight and just consistently working towards it, as each game goes on. It is one game at a time. If we can just play the best that we can on Saturday and good things happen, we'll continue on the road to success."

Question: How much of a kick do you get out of other defenses chasing Denard (Robinson) around when you guys have had to do it in practice for a couple of years?

Mike Martin: "It feels good. People ask me a lot; how do you feel watching other defenses and stuff like that and it's nice, because I got to chase him around in practice all the time and I know personally me, Van Bergen and (Greg) Banks, we don't like it. We hate it (laughs). He gives us great work, something that I don't think other teams can replicate in their practices. I think it is near impossible. Denard is doing a great job. He is a great leader and he's doing great things for this team."

Question: Did you ever say, if this kid ever gets to be the starter he is going to be something else?

Mike Martin: "I always knew. He has always been a hard worker. That is something that I saw from the get-go when he came in as a freshman and he has just been doing a good job, being real coachable and just doing the right things."

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