Michigan Still Out Front For Kitchen

GoBlueWolverine catches up with the youngster to gauge his feelings for the Maize and Blue. And, will he be visiting soon?

Daren Kitchen, a 6'1" 170 pound cornerback prospect from Vandebilt Catholic in Houma, Louisiana, has started his senior season off the right way.

"It's been going good," Kitchen told GoBlueWolverine. "We're 2-1 right now, so it's started off pretty good. Right now I have 19 tackles, 4 breakups and 1 interception for a touchdown."

Kitchen, who has long since had the Wolverines out front even without a written offer, says that might be on the way quite quickly.

"It's like a verbal offer, for a while now. Coach Fred is telling me that Coach Rod wants to look through my tape some more. I actually talked to him and he thinks on my film he thinks he's seen all he needs to see. I'm supposed to be talking to him again about that."

The Wolverines hot start has certainly caught the Pelican State prospect eyes, and it has been overwhelmingly positive.

"So far I'm really proud of the way they've started off. Some people doubted them and I'm glad to see that they're doing the opposite. I like that they play a lot of people in coverage. They're giving everyone a chance to come in and play, even if it's just as a nickel. That's a good thing to look at."

Having Michigan out front for so long, especially without an offer, has been a bit rough on Kitchen. Yet, again, the blazing start Michigan has roared too has eased that pressure that Kitchen has felt.

"I've always liked Michigan for a long time. I always felt they were more like a school form down south. When coach first started following me and coming down to see me… I wouldn't say I was real surprised, but since that day I started having good seasons since my sophomore season when he started seeing me. I would say it's like a dream offer because everyone knows Michigan and you always see them on TV. I always liked Charles Woodson, and to go to the school he went to and play the same position that would be great. Now that they're back, it's kind of easier to be in with them and keep them as my favorite."

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