Flowers Excitedly Awaits UM Visit

Michigan recently made the cut Greenville, SC WR Hakeem Flowers and the talented youngster has finalized his official visit plans to Ann Arbor. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Palmetto State star to latest on his recruitment, including his thoughts on Michigan, the rest of his top five, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  You mentioned last week that you'd probably be heading up to Michigan for the Iowa game...

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes sir I am.  I will be up there in a couple of weeks."

Sam Webb:  You recently named a top five of Michigan, LSU, UCLA, Oregon and Georgia Tech.  Have you taken official visits to any of those schools yet?

Hakeem Flowers:  "No sir I haven't."

Sam Webb:  So will Michigan be your first one?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes it will be."

Sam Webb:  Which ones have you taken unofficial visits to?

Hakeem Flowers:  "All of them except for Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What is it about Michigan that made them make your top five if you haven't even been there before?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I just like the coaches recruiting and I have been talking to a couple of players that are being recruited by them and heard a lot of great things about them.  So I decided I should maybe try to take a trip up there and see if what they about."

Sam Webb:  What other recruits have you talked to about Michigan?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Just mainly Avery Walls, who is a defensive back that is being recruited by them also."

Sam Webb:  He had a lot of good things to say about the Wolverines? 

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  Have you been paying attention to how they have been doing this season?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes sir.  I have been watching their offense a little bit and stuff like that.  I definitely like the offense and Denard Robinson is a great player.  I love watching him play."

Sam Webb:  How are things going for you on the football field so far for you this year?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Everything is going pretty good right now.  We're 5-1 right now and my stats on the season, 25 catches for like 540 something yards and eight touchdowns."

Sam Webb:  You obviously started off the year as one of the highest rated receivers in the country.  Since then a lot of people are talking about a lot of other guys; do you think you've been flying under the radar a little bit?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yeah I do.  I think I have gone under the radar a lot because I have been putting recruiting to the side for a little while and stopped going to camps and stuff like that.  I think I'm going up the radar now."

Sam Webb:  Give me an update on your height, weight, and 40 time.

Hakeem Flowers:  "The last time I ran a 40 was a 4.4.  My height is 6'3" and 185."

Sam Webb:  I remember when I ran into you and your dad back in January he really seemed to prefer that you get a little further away from home so you could broaden your horizons.  Is that still the case?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes sir.  That's pretty much the case."

Sam Webb:  So when you get ready to make your decision whenever that is; what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Mainly the academics and the school and coaching staff and playing time and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  What is Michigan saying to you about playing time and about how you might fit in there?

Hakeem Flowers:  "They really haven't said much to me about playing time.  They just said that they pretty much want me to get up there on campus."

Sam Webb:  Are your parents going to come up with you?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  When do you think that you are going to make a final decision?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I'm not really sure yet.  Probably at the end of the season or a little bit after that."

Sam Webb:  One last thing.  Let's go over your top five real quick and just tell me what you like about each school starting with Georgia Tech.

Hakeem Flowers:  "The main thing that I like about Georgia Tech is the way they put receivers in the league.  I really like the recruitment and the way they are recruiting me and the way they are getting over here.  I also like it is really not that far away from home either."

Sam Webb:  What about LSU?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Going down there was a great experience.  I enjoyed it.  I liked the receiver coach and I even enjoyed the defensive coaches.  The fans down there are crazy.  I enjoyed talking to them.  I had a good time."

Sam Webb:  Michigan?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I like the way they are recruiting me and the way other people talk good about them.  I haven't got up there to check them out yet, but I look forward to it."

Sam Webb:  UCLA?

Hakeem Flowers:  "When I went out to UCLA it was just beautiful.  My mom and dad both liked it.  The campus was nice and I really like Coach Moore and Coach Neuheisel.  I had a great time out there with him.  Pretty much hanging out with him the whole time.  It was great."

Sam Webb:  Oregon?

Hakeem Flowers:  "What I like about Oregon is mainly the receivers coach.  He is a really nice cool laid back guy.  All the coaches out there are kind of cool and nice to be around.  It was very atmospheric there."

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