Full Transcript: Kovacs takes it personally

Jordan takes the criticisms of the defense personally ... and then he previews the MSU offense, and talks about Mike Martin and JT Floyd playing different positions..

Question: Do you take it personally when people say that Michigan's defense is not up to par and the reason why Michigan might not win this game?

Jordan Kovacs: "Definitely. I think every defensive player takes that personal and it just makes us even hungrier for the win."

Question: What sorts of improvements do you see week to week or things that you think are getting shored up?

Jordan Kovacs: "It may not be things that you really see in games yet but at practice you just see the younger guys gaining more and more confidence every week and I know it is something that is surely going to show up in games and we hope it is this week."

Question: Do you know about (Kirk) Cousins there quarterback?

Jordan Kovacs: "He's a good quarterback, a very good quarterback. They know that they got a great offense overall. We're going to be tested this week. It is probably going to be our biggest test so far. We've got a lot of cleaning up to do and we're just ready to get back after it this week."

Question: They can run the ball, they can pass the ball, just kind of talk about the keys to shutting them down defensively.

Jordan Kovacs: "It doesn't matter who your opponent is, any time that you can make a team one dimensional whether you can force them to pass the ball only or you can force them to run the ball only, you have got a good chance of winning the game. I think Michigan State really likes to pound the ball. Our run defense is going to be tested and if they can step up to the challenge then I think we have a good shot at stopping them."

Question: Which of their running backs stands out to you?

Jordan Kovacs: "I think they are all pretty good running backs. They've got some big guys that can move and not only is this the best offense but it is probably the best running backs that we have seen so far this season."

Question: Your coach sounds like the last year or two does not matter, I wonder if it is different for the players, because you haven't beaten Michigan State and they carry Paul Bunyan around the field like the Stanley Cup for a couple of years. Does that stick in your mind at all more than maybe a coach?

Jordan Kovacs: "The past is in the past. Obviously, it is something that may fuel us a little more for this game, but it is the past and we're ready to move forward. This is a big game, big game for us."

Question: But you're highly motivated to get your first win against Michigan State?

Jordan Kovacs: "Definitely. It doesn't matter if it is my first win or fourth win against them, any time you can play Michigan State you had better be motivated."

Question: Last game, it looked like coaches were moving around Mike Martin and JT (Floyd), they moved around the field a little bit. I was just wondering how you think they responded to that being moved around like that?

Jordan Kovacs: "Mike had a pretty good game. So I think in that aspect it worked out pretty well. He was definitely getting after the quarterback and JT, we put him in some situations too. We had some different situations too. We had some different packages that we ran and I thought for the most part it worked. We hurt ourselves defensively with some big penalties and it is nothing that we can't correct."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about the frustration of how other people feel of trying to contain Denard (Robinson). A couple of weeks ago, he was pinned along the sideline there and it looked like a five yard gain and 75 yards later it is a touchdown, you've seen plenty of it; kind of sum that up.

Jordan Kovacs: "He is something else. We've had to deal with him for the last two years in practice and it is just kind of a relief to see other guys try to contain him because I don't know how you can do it. You got to have some speed that's for sure."

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