Ryles Plans to Give UM Serious Look

Orlando (FL) Dr. Phillips S Rodrick Ryles insists his Arkansas commitment is still intact, but he will visit other schools in an effort to make sure he made the right choice. One of those visit destinations will be the University of Michigan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the hard-hitting defensive back to get details on his game, visit plans, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  We'd heard from one of your teammates a few weeks back that you had been talking to Michigan a lot.  Then they came out and offered.  How long had you guys been talking about that?

Rodrick Ryles: "We was talking during the spring, but we just really started talking again early (last week)."

Sam Webb: Are you going to take a serious look at Michigan, or are you pretty set with your Arkansas commitment?

Rodrick Ryles: "I'm going to take a look at Michigan.  I am going to come up to the Wisconsin game."

Sam Webb:  Is that going to be an official visit for you?

Rodrick Ryles: "Yes."

Sam Webb:  What is it about Michigan that makes you want to take a look and see what they've got going on?

Rodrick Ryles: "I've been watching them on TV and they got a lot going.  We got a couple of players that have been there like Dee Hart and Nick Patti and stuff.  They have been telling me about it, so I wanted to take a look at it."

Sam Webb:  You said that you talked to Dee.  Dee is obviously going to be announcing his decision this week.  If he announces for Michigan, will that do anything to help Michigan with you?

Rodrick Ryles: "Well probably not."

Sam Webb:  So your decision is totally separate then?

Rodrick Ryles: "Yes."

Sam Webb:  At one point, all you Dr. Phillips guys were talking about going to the same school.  Is that something you all still talk about, or is that kind of out the window now?

Rodrick Ryles: "We still talk about it, but everybody is going different ways, going the best way for them."

Sam Webb:  I know when HaHa (HaSean Clinton-Dix) came up here, he said it was a little breezy, a little windy, and a little cold (laughter).  What about you?  Is the weather going to be an issue for you?

Rodrick Ryles: "I don't know.  I got to see how it goes."

Sam Webb:  You said you're coming up for the Wisconsin game.  Are any of the other DP guys coming up for that game too?

Rodrick Ryles: "Dee, Nick, Chris Gallon said they going up then so that is when I'm going to go."

Sam Webb:  Let's get back to you.  For people that have not seen you play, sort of break down your game for me.

Rodrick Ryles: "I use my head.  I use my brain.  Tight coverage… I break on balls.  Right now I (orchestrate) defense... I check coverages.  I tell everybody what they are doing on our defense."

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight, and 40 time?

Rodrick Ryles: "I'm like 6'1", 192 and I run a 4.5."

Sam Webb:  Is Michigan going to be the only spot you take a visit to or are you going to go see other schools as well?

Rodrick Ryles: "I'm going to take visits to other schools."

Sam Webb:  Have you ever been up north before?

Rodrick Ryles: "I've been to New Jersey and Philadelphia."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  Is that a factor for you?

Rodrick Ryles: "Naw."

Sam Webb:  It is about the same thing.  When do you think that you'll make your final decision, yeah whether you definitely going to Arkansas or are you going to go another school; when do you think you are going to make that choice?

Rodrick Ryles: "After I take all my visits."

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