Traylor knows what he is looking for

Ohio TE/DE Austin Traylor has an idea of what he wants in the college that he chooses -- and it involves future teammates and coaches. The way they feel about him and how he feels about them.

Talking with 6-4, 215-pound Columbus (Walnut Ridge) TE/DE Austin Traylor, you pick up on his laid back vibe. He never appears to be in a rush, and he carefully chooses his words when asked a question.

And he knows what is important to him in choosing a college. "I am looking for coaches that actually have an interest in me. I don't want to be just a number, but I want to see who really is concerned about me."

To Austin, relationships are very important when looking at the colleges he is considering because that is where you will be for the next four or five years. Michigan will have the opportunity to host Austin to get a feel for the young man, and I am sure he is looking to see if they have what he wants.

"Michigan is a good program. I can fit in there. They have very good academics and Michigan is doing well this season. I talked with Coach Tall and he thinks that I can help on defense, and he wants to see me on campus soon.

"I would like to be close with my position coach wherever I go to school."

He will be visiting on October 16, 2010 when the Iowa Hawkeyes come rolling into Ann Arbor. Austin will be taking visits to other schools as well.

"I am trying to complete all my visits soon."

When Traylor makes his decision it will be his, but he will have a little help with it.

"My brother and my head coach, Brian Maddox, will help when it comes to choosing where I will go."

So for right now Traylor will be patient and make sure about the college he will attend.

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