Post Game Full Transcript: Denard Robinson

Denard Robinson tries his best to take responsibility and keep his head up.

Question: What did they do defensively that was effective against you?

Denard Robinson: "Made some bad reads and they did a couple of stunts and blitzes, so it was coming. They did pretty good. They a good defense and physical."

Question: Do you feel that you had a target on your back?

Denard Robinson: "Not really. We got weapons everywhere. I'm not he only weapon on offense."

Question: What happened on the throw where you were trying to (too far from mic)?

Denard Robinson: "I got too excited, too excited and I threw it behind him. A wide open man and I missed him."

Question: How would you compare this to the first few weeks, ay difference for the scheme?

Denard Robinson: "We made bad mistakes and we got to capitalize on some of those plays."

Question: Did their defense seem faster than some of the ones that you've played?

Denard Robinson: "They a fast Big Ten team."

Question: Biggest in this one was red zone play compared to…?

Denard Robinson: "Just got too excited, too excited."

Question: What was the mood in the locker room after the game?

Denard Robinson: "Come on, lose the game. That's the mood. Got to turn it around and get ready for Iowa next week."

Question: Weren't you excited in the other games as well; what made this one more?

Denard Robinson: "Michigan versus Michigan State is always going to be an exciting game and big game."

Question: Did you notice Greg Jones looking for where you were on the field?

Denard Robinson: "I didn't pay attention to him one play. I paid attention to everybody."

Question: The fact that you didn't bust out your long runs, was that their linebackers primarily closing a little bit better than some of the linebackers you've played against?

Denard Robinson: "I kind of hesitated a lot. My blocks were there, I just hesitated a little bit more."

Question: Why did you hesitate more today?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. Just bad reads, bad reads."

Question: Did you feel any more pressure when you guys went down a couple scores?

Denard Robinson: "Oh no, oh no. I knew we could score. We got a high powered offense and we should be able to score."

Question: What was the turning point in your eye?

Denard Robinson: "We knew we could stop them and we could go down and score. We just had to play as a team and stay focused and make the little mistakes."

Question: Did you lose focus as a team?

Denard Robinson: "We didn't. We just made bad mistakes, bad reads. They capitalized on that."

Question: What do you guys do now? Do you kind of stop this where this is at, like last year, you guys lost Michigan State and five of the last six?

Denard Robinson: "We got to refocus. Refocus and get back in there. It's mid season, time to crank it up."

Question: With the personal fouls there might be a sense that things got a little bit over the line, was the case down there today?

Denard Robinson: "It is Michigan versus Michigan State. That's all I got to say."

Question: The drive after they went up after a couple touchdowns. Your receivers had a couple of drops and it looked like you got frustrated. Where there some routes that maybe didn't go through today or just some mechanical errors?

Denard Robinson: "We had misreads. We had bad plays, mistakes. Can't blame it on nobody, got to blame on it on the team, got to refocus and get ready for Iowa."

Question: Did your knee limit you at all today?

Denard Robinson: "Oh no."

Question: How good is Michigan State?

Denard Robinson: "They pretty good. They a good team, solid team."

Question: Was it maybe more of a physical game than anyone that you played this season?

Denard Robinson: "It is just like the rest of the games."

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