Full Transcript:Ryan VanBergen on the Defense

DE Ryan VanBergen talks about what happened yesterday.

Question: What do you make of those guys comparatively speaking to the teams that you played against this year? Obviously, the statistics spoke for themselves but can you give us a little sense for how much of a difference there might have been with this team versus some of the previous ones?

Ryan Van Bergen: "They have some better players at some positions than teams we've seen. They execute really well. They take care of the ball. They didn't have a turnover this week or today. When you're taking care of the ball and you're able to move the ball on the run and make some accurate passes and some good decisions, it's a good offense. We faced a team that knew what they were doing and they executed better than we did, bottom line."

Question: The long runs…?

Ryan Van Bergen: "I can't really tell what was going on behind me. It seemed like it cut up inside. Obviously, we just had a miscommunication on who has got what gap. It is simple. Run defense is simple. Everybody has one gap, you're accountable for that gap and we weren't in the right twice, same play. We have to figure that out. We will figure that out, because we are going to bounce back from this."

Question: Do you know what happened to Mike Martin on the play he got hurt?

Ryan Van Bergen: "I think they got called for an illegal chop on Mike. I think he'll be fine. I talked to him on the sideline. He just said it wasn't worth risking putting weight on it right now. Get it evaluated further and see how it is feeling. I think he'll be fine and ready to go."

Question: What can you do as a leader on defense to get this team refocused versus Iowa?

Ryan Van Bergen: "Just come back and refocus myself. If I'm going to be a leader on defense, set an example. Obviously, we didn't win today, I didn't play well enough. I need to come back and really push myself as individual. Not saying anything to anybody else. Just push myself and hope that everybody else follows and is able to put themselves somewhere where they have not been yet. Because we have not been our best Michigan team yet, by far."

Question: How much of a different look does the three backs of Michigan State give you individually?

Ryan Van Bergen: "I think that just works in there favor. They are a downhill run team. The three backs allows them to change them up. All of them have their strengths. One's a better downhill runner, one's better outside and they are all physical. It gives Michigan State a big dynamic run game, which is something that you have to prepare for. I thought we were prepared for it and unfortunately they just gashed us on a couple of plays."

Question: How much did Kirk Cousins play action effect you guys at all?

Ryan Van Bergen: "We were expecting it. We've been booting on a couple of times in the past. We know they saw that film. I didn't think his boot was all that effective against us or as effective as it has been in the past. I was kind of happy with how we played that. It was kind easy getting back there to him. They don't block us and we can read that. It helped us get pressure on them."

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