Full Transcript:Roy Roundtree on the Offense

The Michigan receiver talks about what he learned, and on bouncing back.

Question: What happened on that pass, did you just lose it?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I just lost focus on it. I was trying to just catch it and go into the end zone. I realized I didn't have the ball when after I was in the end zone. It was just a mistake, lesson learned."

Question: It seemed like they tried to play more physical with you guys; that seemed like their game plan.

Roy Roundtree: "I guess. They always play physical. It is the Big Ten, everybody is going to play physical against Michigan. Today, they just got the best of us and they got us today."

Question: Did it feel like something off all throughout the offense the whole game?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I feel like there was a lot of mistakes in the red zone. We in the red zone, we got to accomplish, we got to score and once we was seeing the mistakes we were making that hurt us in the end."

Question: They say that all losses count as one, but did this feel like it counted a little more than one?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. This was a tough loss. We just got go in there on Monday and learn from our mistakes and get ready for Iowa."

Question: Is that the best defense you guys have played this year?

Roy Roundtree: "I don't want to say the best defense because had opportunities to score, but they stopped us. They were taking the ball off and just carrying over from our mistakes that we were having in the red zone."

Question: Rich reminded that Denard (Robinson) has just made his sixth start. Did you notice any frustration with Denard?

Roy Roundtree: "He was keeping poised all through the game. Like I said before, he always tries to get us going and we wasn't letting his mistakes, his interceptions get him frustrated throughout the game. I'm pretty sure that he'll learn from watching film come Monday and get better from it."

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