Michigan Still on top for Elliott

Pensacola (FL) Catholic OL James Elliott made his first Big House visit Saturday and was blown away by the experience. Are the Wolverines ready to close the deal?

Sam Webb:  How is the season going for you?

James Elliot:  "It's going good.  We're six and oh now.  We just beat Marianna without our star quarterback.  Everything is going pretty good.  We're starting to click and come together as a family."

Sam Webb:  So what about you individually?  I know lineman don't keep stats, but how do you think you are performing so far?

James Elliot:  "I think I'm performing good.  I' m starting to take a leadership role with everything because I played for four years on varsity level and this is the one year that I'm actually coming into my zone and taking over and letting everybody and everybody seems to mesh together now."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of your first Michigan game?

James Elliot:  "I loved it!  That was exciting.  It was a record number of fans in the stands.  It was incredible, nothing like it." 

Sam Webb:  I know you spend a lot of time talking to Coach Frey.  What do you think of Coach Frey and what is your relationship with him?

James Elliot:  "I love Coach Frey.  He is down to earth.  He knows exactly what he is talking about.  My offensive line coach and him coach exactly alike and it will be easy move to go with him."

Sam Webb:  So tell me about your recruiting right now?   Where do things really stand?  I know Michigan is one of the schools but where does recruiting stand overall? What are the other schools that you are considering?

James Elliot:  "I haven't really decided yet. I've still got to talk to more teams and get a few more offers and take more official visits and unofficials visits and everything like that."

Sam Webb:  In reports prior to your visit it seemed like you might be ready to commit to Michigan; where those off base?

James Elliot:  "They were on base, but there is just some recruiting differences.  I got my transcript in and just recruiting is on their part.  If they were to offer now or to give me the go ahead, I would commit."

Sam Webb:  Right now, they are still evaluating you?

James Elliot:  "Right."

Sam Webb:  What's next for you? Are you going to set up your officials visit?

James Elliot:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to come back to Michigan for an official visit?

James Elliot:  "Yes sir.  I'm going to come back in December and get a good look then.  I've already taken to see what it was like during a game.  I came here during spring practice, saw the facilities and everything, so come back in here in December and see if we have…"

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite at this point?

James Elliot:  "It would be Michigan."

Sam Webb:  So who are the other schools really recruiting you hard right now?

James Elliot:  "It would be Michigan, Louisville, USF and I'm going to start jumping onboard with Auburn, Georgia and Arkansas."

Sam Webb:  What offers do you have on the table?

James Elliot:  "The only three that I don't have are the Arkansas, Georgia and Auburn."

Sam Webb:  What about your process right now.   You said you want to take more visits, what is your timeline look like?  When do you want to make a decision?

James Elliot:  "I am going to go ahead and make a decision on signing day because I don't want to rush it.  I spent a little too long not pushing it enough.  I'm going to go ahead and take it.  I need to hurry it up, but I'm going to go ahead and take my time."

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