Top PA Linebacker to Visit Michigan

One of the top prospect in the Big Ten region will be Pennsylvania linebacker <B>Dan Connor</B>. With offers in hand from several of the nation's top programs, Connor already has a visit schedule set up for the spring, with plans to make an unofficial trip to Michigan. spoke on Monday evening with top linebacker Dan Connor (6-3, 220 lbs, 4.55 in the 40) from Wallingford, PA, Strath Haven HS. So how good is Connor? Good enough that rates him as the #1 Player in Pennsylvania, ahead of such familiar prospects as Chad Henne, Anthony Morelli, and Andrew Johnson! With over 160 tackles, more than 1500 yards rushing, it's easy to see why. The chatty young linebacker was in good spirits, and happy to discuss his recruitment.

How many offers do you have?

"So far, I have thirteen."

Which schools have offered you?

"Boston College, Syracuse, Pitt, Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Iowa, Notre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee, and Michigan State."

Have you narrowed down the list of schools that you're looking at?

"Slightly, but not too much. I'm still looking around. I'm taking a visit out to Michigan during spring break. In the Midwest, I'm going to do trips to Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State on three consecutive days."

Have you already visited any of the schools that you're looking at?

"Yeah, I've been to Penn State, Syracuse, and Maryland."

What did you think of those three schools?

"Penn State and Syracuse, I was really impressed with those two. And Maryland was up there too, but I think Penn State and Syracuse were a little ahead. But it's still pretty early, so I'm just keeping my options open."

Did you have a favorite team that you liked to watch while growing up?

"No, not really. No one in particular. You know I'm a Pennsylvania guy, but I didn't favor Penn State more than anybody else. I liked all of the big time schools. I just like watching all of the big time games. Michigan, and Penn State, and all of those schools that are always on TV are all impressive."

What are you looking for in a school?

"The coaching staff I think is the most important aspect. That's who's going to determine how early you play, and how much you play, and where you play. So that's the main factor, but also the football atmosphere. I'd like to narrow things down, and go to a few games, and just see how things are. I went to the Penn State – Nebraska game, and that was unreal! And I know Michigan; they probably have some unbelievable games. I've also been to a Syracuse game before and that was impressive. But just getting to see the stadium, and the crowd, and the atmosphere: I think that will have a pretty big impact on my decision."

What sort of a timetable do you have for a decision?

"I haven't really decided yet. We haven't talked about it as a family too much. It won't be too early – not anytime soon. But I think I'll have a decision between the start of the season and signing day. Sometime between then."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm kind of an old fashion type player. A fullback / linebacker type. Someone who never leaves the field. I'm a real competitive player, I just love to win."

Dan Connor carries a 3.2 GPA, and has already qualified with a 1050 SAT.

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