Full Transcript: Grady Shows Leadership

Kelvin Grady has had to grow up a lot the past five years as a Wolverine hoopster and now-footballer … his maturity comes through in this interview.

Question: When you receivers got together after the game and talked a little bit. How frustrated where you the fact that a lot of guys had drops on Saturday?

Kelvin Grady: "We were frustrated but it happens. Unfortunately, it happened in a pretty big ball game. We don't want this to happen again obviously. We don't want that to happen. We eliminate as many mistakes as we can. It was very frustrating, not much was said between the receiving corp, but we all know what needs to be done and we going to get into practice today and catch some extra balls and work towards getting better."

Question: Have you all communicated as an offense since Saturday just trying to figure out what really went wrong?

Kelvin Grady: "Yeah we've all communicated. We talked, we friends. We know we had errors that are fixable. They are all fixable. There is nothing that happened on Saturday that isn't fixable. We going to take care of it as a unit and as a team and move forward. It happened – dropped balls, we lost the game. It is over with. It is all fixable and we going to take care of it."

Question: Was part of it maybe a little bit of a shock that you guys had been playing so well offensively over the first five games and then things weren't going as smoothly running the ball and throwing that one thing compounded on another?

Kelvin Grady: "I would say, we've had such high expectations and with the performance we've had each week and to see us have kind of a little bit more mistakes than we've had. We had more mistakes in that game than we've had in five weeks. I think it is all about the expectations that we had and people had for us and we had for ourselves. Like I said, it happened and we are going to fix it, all areas that we can fix and move forward."

Question: Coach said that Denard (Robinson) might have been pressing at times was that kind of an issue for the wide receivers too and that is maybe they dropped balls and their lack of focus came from?

Kelvin Grady: "My personal opinion, I feel like many times Denard had poise. He got caught up in a couple of situations that we really weren't used to being in. Like I said, we had such high expectations for ourselves and how our offense had been running. We had to make some changes and unfortunately some of those changes didn't work. We moving forward and we going to stay positive."

Question: Does it help you in terms of refocusing that you do have Iowa coming to town and it is not like it is somebody else that wouldn't get your attention right away?

Kelvin Grady: "Oh yeah it definitely helps. Iowa is obviously a great team come in here and they got a great defense. We got to be ready for it and we are. Us guys, we talked and we know what we need to do. We know we need to get it together and we five and one, not one and five. Even though we lost to a pretty good Michigan State team and it is hard, the rivalry, we know what we got to do, we got to bounce back. We are going to bounce back. They all correctable errors that we are going to correct. We will fix. Coach Rod is going to get it together and us as players we believe in it. We believe in ourselves. We going to continue to do that. We definitely ready for this Iowa game. We going to do whatever it takes to get ready."

Question: The drops on Saturday, can that be contagious amongst the receiving corp?

Kelvin Grady: "The best receivers drop the ball. It just happens. It is unfortunate that it happened in a big game. Like I continue to say because it is true, there is nothing that happened that is not fixable and we know we dropped some balls we shouldn't have and we going to take care of it."

Question: How hard was Denard on himself and did you guys say anything to him?

Kelvin Grady: "Denard handled it well. We continue to talk positive about him. Some may say it was a tough game for him, my personal opinion, I think it build him. He came in and he really grew up. I heard Denard speak out in the locker room after the game, never heard him speak out the way he did such emotion and it got across to everybody. He spoke up and that's a step towards getting better. Sometimes when you're winning and everything is going perfect and you don't see the things that we need to improve on and we need to work on. Denard took a step closer to being a leader for this team and I think he gained a lot more respect from us as players after that game when he spoke up."

Question: What did he say that had such an impact?

Kelvin Grady: "Just the fact that, the feelings we had after the game were horrible. We felt terrible. We made some errors that we shouldn't have made and he just said, we don't like this feeling and we will not have this feeling again. We going to come in this week and work and move toward something positive."

Question: You talk about that respect; how much did he kind…obviously, he has been really good for you guys in five weeks. Did it just elevate him to another level in your mind because of what he did after the game?

Kelvin Grady: "Oh yeah. In his eyes, you can just see, he's hungrier. It made him even more hungry. I said it before, he comes in day in and day out and he works, but I could just see it, I can tell and I can feel it. I know everyone else felt it. Like I said, just made him a step closer to being a leader for this team."

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