Michigan Still on the Rise with Rawls

Flint (MI) Northern RB Thomas Rawls took reflects on his experience taking in the Michigan/Michigan State game last weekend, the storybook season he is having, the latest in his recruitment, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  First, give me an update on how your season is going for you so far?

Thomas Rawls:  "I'm at 1385 (yards) right now.  I don't know how many touchdowns I got.  I think I got 14 right now.  We are 3-4.  If we can pull off these last two wins, hopefully we can get a spot in the playoffs.  It's been good."

Sam Webb:  I know when the season started everyone knew your name.  Was it different for you when you stepped on the field and noticed everybody keying on you like that?

Thomas Rawls:  "Not really.  I had a good year last year, my junior year.  They knew what they were coming up against.  I still manage to go out and run hard."

Sam Webb:  Obviously, you did.  You got to the point where you had back to back games with nearly 400 yards.  Do you get tired when you going in a game like that?

Thomas Rawls:  "Naw, actually my offensive line, they do a good job.  In both of those games I was really just zoned out.  I was just trying to lead my team to victory but the stats came out for themselves.  I was just running. I was just zoned out.  I never got tired though. The day after, I had to get in my uncle's Jacuzzi, I was cramping.   I was stiff.  It felt good from what I did but my body just felt horrible."

Sam Webb:  Have you been hearing from more schools lately?

Thomas Rawls:  "Toledo had offered me a couple of weeks ago and Iowa.  I talk to Coach Campbell and still talking to Coach Fred Jackson.  Interest level is getting higher but more college should be coming in late."

Sam Webb:  As far as what Michigan is saying to you right now… are they as hard on you as they've always been?  Is it still consistent?

Thomas Rawls:  "Yeah it is.  They recruiting me real heavy.  Coach Fred Jackson, he call me very week.  He send me a lot of emails.  He really recruiting me heavily and the interest level, it is just sky high for Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Is that the team that is recruiting you the hardest right now?

Thomas Rawls:  "I would have to say other than Central Michigan and Cincinnati, yeah."

Sam Webb:  The biggest question is; how are things going academically?

Thomas Rawls:  "I'm right where I need to be. It is getting better.   I do take the test on the 23rd of this month.  I'm taking the prep class for it right now just to get prepared for it.  More strategies and more tips about it, but yeah it is getting better."

Sam Webb:  You have a leader right now?

Thomas Rawls:  "(Laughter) Naw, I'm still…I'm going to keep my options open.  I'm looking to a whole lot of things... every school that is interesting in me."

Sam Webb:  What do you think of what the Wolverines are doing so far... today's loss to MSU not withstanding?

Thomas Rawls:  "Michigan is going to be Michigan.  They not going to win every game, it would be good if you do, but State just came out and just played a better game.  They kind of keyed in on Denard, kind of shut him down a little bit.  It doesn't really matter to me.  I still think Michigan still on the rise."

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