Michigan Hangs on to Lead for Zettel

West Branch (MI) Ogemaw Heights standout Anthony Zettel reflects on his weekend visit to Ann Arbor for Michigan's annual clash with Michigan State. He also shares the latest on his official plans, the position the Wolverines' are courting his hardest for, and more.

Sam Webb:  I see you made it down to the Michigan game last weekend. Who came with you this time?

Anthony Zettel:  "My two uncles, my grandpa, and my dad."

Sam Webb:  Among the Zettel's that made it down, how many were rooting and how many were rooting for Michigan State?

Anthony Zettel:  "I think they were all kind of just watching the game.  Neither of them are all big fans, they just like watching.  They don't pick one side or another really."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the game?

Anthony Zettel:  "I had seen a lot of good stuff and saw a lot of good stuff come out of it.  I had fun just watching them and compare each other.  I just think Michigan had a lot of big plays that could have changed the game outcome but Michigan State has got a good team too.  It was a good game."

Sam Webb:  When two schools on your list play, and one school beats the other, does that affect your mindset and how you look upon either of them?

Anthony Zettel:  "Not really, just like a tiny bit, but overall not really, not too much."

Sam Webb:  Have you set up your official visits yet?

Anthony Zettel:  "I got all the dates that are the official visit dates, but I have not scheduled any yet."

Sam Webb:  Are you likely to take all five officials?

Anthony Zettel:  "I don't know about all five but probably three for sure."

Sam Webb:  I know you don't have the dates made yet, but do you know what those three definite official will be?

Anthony Zettel:  "I don't really know exactly."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you'll take official visits to Michigan and Michigan State?

Anthony Zettel:  "I think about taking an official visit to Michigan (versus Michigan State) during the Big Freeze game, the hockey game.  I'm not 100% sure on that yet, but I'm pretty sure.  I'll probably take an official visit to State.  I just don't know a date really right now."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches very much at the game on Saturday?

Anthony Zettel:  "There was so many people there and we got there at the end of the first quarter, so we didn't get to talk to the coaches before the game and then after the game we talked a little bit to the coaches.  Just Coach Frey, all the coaches said hi and how you doing and that and then Coach Rodriguez and Coach Frey talked to us mostly and Coach Singletary."

Sam Webb:  Are things the same as far as the position they're recruiting you for?

Anthony Zettel:  "They want me both O-line and D-line.  They're talking more and more defense because that…they need help on defense."

Sam Webb:  I know you've been pretty consistent throughout the process saying that Michigan was your leader with other schools really right there is that still the case for you?

Anthony Zettel:  "Yeah.  The more and more I look at it though, (the Wolverines) are my leaders, but I like all the schools a lot too, so it is kind of like just little slight leadership."

Sam Webb:  Will you be back in Ann Arbor Saturday for the homecoming game against Iowa?

Anthony Zettel:  "I don't know if I am going to the Michigan or Michigan State game.  Me and my parents haven't decided yet."

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