Greg Banks, Patrick Omameh on what happened

Defensive End Greg Banks and Offensive Linemen Patrick Omameh talk about bouncing back from Michigan State.

Question: Can you talk about the resolve of this team? Obviously after it's first loss going into this week's game.

Greg Banks: "There is really nothing much you can say about that. It is a learning experience. Teams experience wins and losses, it is part of the game. We're going to recuperate, go into this week's practice with the same kind of focus for next week for Iowa."

Question: Is this a different feel than the first loss last year?

Greg Banks: "Losing is losing. Every game for us is a big game. We're trying to make improvements, trying to prove to everybody including ourselves that we can do what we set out to do."

Question: As far as leadership goes after a game like that, who talks and what were the players saying to each other the last couple of days?

Greg Banks: "As far as leadership goes, me and the other seniors, we all have to step up. There are some things that I could have done better myself and some of the younger guys know that they could have done some things better as well. That is all you can get at in essence. Guys are going to focus harder, watching more film, lifting a little bit more weight. You just got to keep straight focus."

Question: Rich talked about how unusual it is to have as many true freshman playing on defense as you guys; can you just talk about when you were a young guy here how long did it take you to feel comfortable with the position and learn everything?

Greg Banks: "Coming in, in 2006 under Coach Carr, it was difficult because like the playbook obviously was a little bit thicker than it was high school and the speed of the game. Also like the strength of the players, I'm seeing a different breed of players than I did in high school. Even for the young guys on our team, they are actually throw into the mix, so it is sort of a shock. They are catching on. They are getting better every week at it. Me personally, it too me some time. I'm not going to lie, it took me some time. Eventually when I grasped the defensive concept and stuff like that, and got more physically apt for the game, the game slowed down for me."

Question: Did you have to make adjustments for the lack of experience with these freshman as an upper classman?

Greg Banks: "Not necessarily, you just got to bring them up to speed. The game is going to go how the games goes and that's fast. Everybody is trying to execute things offensively and defensively, but as a senior it is my job to take those young guys aside and try to keep them up to speed and stuff and then in the weight room, they got to get physical apt. That's is something they have to push themselves to do. I try to lead by example and do my part of the deal and they'll catch up and they are working hard to do it." vQuestion: The last couple of weeks, you guys have giving up quite a bit of yardage; how confident are you guys going into each weekend with the game plan that you guys have?

Greg Banks: "You have to be confident in each game that you do. Any team can see the weakness or they can smell fear. We have the players to defend anybody that we play, but it just comes down to execution and keeping a clear focus. We have six starters on defense including myself…I'm not the best player out there but each week I'm getting better in some area and that's what you have to do. As we said in each game, you have to look at what you did wrong in the past and apply that to what you do this week. Offenses, they tend to pick on weaknesses and what not. We know that, we're not blind to the fact that we have some glaring issues, but we are definitely working harder on those."

Question: Any other young guys in you mind ready to step up like (Will) Campbell or Robinson?

Greg Banks: "Of course. It is just like when are they going to get your opportunity. Like they say, you're one snap away and that it is any position. I've seen that many time, when BG (Brandon Graham), he went down and I had to step up myself, but all of our younger guys are ready to step up when they are called upon."


Patrick Omamehbr>

Question: Can you talk about the running game Saturday against Michigan State, maybe it was a little bit different than obviously why you guys had so much success the first five weeks versus this past weekend?

Patrick Omameh: "The running game is something that we really want to get going against this team and I feel like we're doing pretty well earlier in the game. Then they switched up some looks on us and we tried to do some of the things that we thought worked to our advantage and we never really got the running game going quite we as well as we wanted to and then we didn't get our passing game going as well as we should have. It kind of really altogether, we didn't execute as well as we wanted to coming in."

Question: Was last week kind of an indicator of what you need to work on you think or give you kind of a reality check?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah. I think it gives us kind of a reality check, like a wakeup call. Like coming in, we were having 500+ yards every week and that is something that we had grown accustomed to. It is something that is not going to just happen every week, we got to come in and we got to be prepared to execute especially against teams that have better defenses in order for us to put up numbers that we want."

Question: So you got used to Denard running free?

Patrick Omameh: "I guess you know, it is not something that we've grown used to, so it was somewhat of a surprise. I feel like if we executed the way we should have, it would have been more favorable on our side."

Question: Can you talk about the resolve of this team after Saturday loss. How do you think people are going to respond?

Patrick Omameh: "I think we're going to respond well. We've got a tight knit group. We got leaders in all the positions and seniors, everybody is going to pull together and it is something to grow from."

Question: What do you know about Iowa's defense, especially the front four; what sort of challenges do they represent for you?

Patrick Omameh: "They have a talented front four. They have a talented defense overall and it is something that we're aware of, something that we knew coming in, some returners. It is an exciting challenge and we're looking forward to playing them this weekend."

Question: Did you play against them last year?

Patrick Omameh: "No."

Question: What impresses you about their defensive line, some of the talent they got there?

Patrick Omameh: "They got some big strong dudes on the interior and they got strong guys on the outside too. They are a sound defense. They won't throw a lot of different things at you, but they're real good at what they do all around. So we really got to execute better than we did last week if we want to be successful."

Question: Denard Robinson prove anything to you guys on Saturday after the game? Obviously, he has done so well for you on the field but to step up into the locker room and speak out.

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah he was clearly upset after the game – we all were. We're going to use this last weekend's game as something to grow from because we don't want to feel like we did again after that game. We can use that as motivation from here on out."

Question: What did he say? What was his message exactly?

Patrick Omameh: "He was saying, he was probably mostly speaking for himself, but he was saying things didn't go like they should have and we didn't play as well as we could have or as well as we should have and it is going to be unacceptable for us to play like that after the point."

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