Full Transcript: Coach Rod Postgame

Coach Rod on injuries, on the turnovers, on the kicking game, on the quarterback situation (who's the starter?), and more.

Question: Status report David Molk and Mike Martin?

Coach Rodriguez: "They were both banged up a little bit during the week and I thought they would be ready to go. Molk only lasted two plays and then sometime during the game, Mike must have tweaked it during one of his plays. I though Rhocko Khoury came in and competed. I will have to see how the other guys did by watching the film, but the next man…those are two really good players and Denard (Robinson) is a really good play. His shoulder has been bothering him all week. He felt better in pregame and the last couple of days. I think he landed on it funny and so Tate (Forcier) had to come."

Question: Talk about the turnovers in the game.

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah it is ridiculous. We were so good early in the year of taking care of the ball and we're not good enough to make mistakes and beat anybody. I told everybody that earlier. Our team understands that. Especially, the frustrating ones are you are moving the ball, you are in the red zone, your inside the 15 and you fumble it. Then we kick a field goal that is about this high….that gets blocked. You just got to capitalize on those things. Then the penalties, our own worse enemy the first half with some silly penalties and that's just ridiculous and we got to get that cleaned up."

Question: Was Tate getting more time during the week because of Denard's shoulder?

Coach Rodriguez: "We do that every week with all our quarterbacks. Whether it was this week, last week, the week before, those guys all get a lot of reps. He is comfortable with our offense and what we're doing. I thought he made some good throws, some good decisions. There are a few he would like to have back."

Question: You score two third quarter touchdowns and the kickoff goes out of bounds; what are you thinking of on the sideline?

Coach Rodriguez: "Do you really want me to say (laughter). Twice? Yeah you….I don't think I should repeat what I'm saying to myself. They're trying hard, but gosh we got the wind with us. I hadn't seen him do it in practice or games at all, but it happened, so we just got to overcome it. Still got to put a ball on the 40 and they still got to go 60 yards or gets first downs. You got to stop them when you know they are going to run it, for me to run it, you got to be able to stop it to get the ball back."

Question: Has the quarterback competition sort of open up?

Coach Rodriguez: "Denard Robinson is our starting quarterback. Tate Forcier is a pretty good quarterback too and so is Devin Gardner. I want them to play better and they can play better."

Question: Mike Shaw didn't come in until a little bit later, is he banged up?

Coach Rodriguez: "A little bit. He has been a little bit banged up, really the last couple of weeks."

Question: I take it the knee still?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah."

Question: Was there any thought of putting Denard back into the game after he left or did you decide to shut him down?

Coach Rodriguez: "He was not able to go."

Question: Do you have any idea or is too early to know if he is going to be back in a couple of weeks?

Coach Rodriguez: "I would hope. I would think all the guys…say all the guys, the guys, Molk and Martin and Denard with an open week should be good to go for the next one."

Question: When you scored with six plus minutes and kicked off, you had to feel pretty good about your defense with that. Do you feel that they have taken some steps during the course of the game?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. There were some times…I'm sure after watching the film, our defensive staff is going to be disappointed because it looked like they had the guy bottled up a little bit and he cut back. I don't know how we lost contain or what happened there, but that seemed to happen four or five, let him out of there. Again, I'll have to watch the film and talk to the defensive staff and see what happened with that. With six minutes to go in the game, the crowd was into it, a lot of enthusiasm. The offense felt good, felt we had them on their heels a little bit and we didn't get the ball back with enough time to win it."

Question: Taylor Lewan's penalties, aggression do think?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. We're the home team, so you cannot really allude that to the crowd noise, but I think he was just so anxious to get on a pretty good D-line, but he jumped the gun a little bit. He just had to calm down, settle down a little and he would be fine. I thought we settled him down. I put Mark Huyge in there and Mark seemed to do okay. That's a pretty talented front and we ran the ball okay.

We threw the ball at times okay, but we just didn't finish drives and that's the thing that killed us today."

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