Is Michigan the Team to Beat for Crawford?

South Ft. Myers (FL) DB/ATH Dallas Crawford already held the Wolverines in high esteem before his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. After taking in the gameday sights and sounds during his second trip to the Great Lake State, the Maize & Blue now stands even taller on his list.

Sam Webb:  How the season going for you?

Dallas Crawford: "Right now we are 6-0.  (Friday) night, we won 41-0.  Things are going pretty good."

Sam Webb:  I know you are a one-man stat sheet so I know this question might be hard to answer, but do you remember what your stats are?

Dallas Crawford: "Right now, I think I got 23 total touchdowns rushing and passing. well 24 with my pick six.  I got six interceptions right now and that's pretty much all I know."

Sam Webb:  So lets talk about your visit.  I know you've said before that the Brown Jug here in Ann Arbor has one the best burgers you've had.

Dallas Crawford: "That was the best burger I ever had.  I wanted to go there (Saturday night), but we went to Izzy's today instead.  I got to have one before I leave."

Sam Webb:  I know Shoelace (Denard Robinson) came out with the injury.  It seems like you are a big Shoelace fan too.

Dallas Crawford: "I am a big Shoelace fan.  It was sad to see him go down.  (Tate) Forcier, he carried the team."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to Denard any this season, on Facebook or the phone anything like that?

Dallas Crawford: "Naw.  I tried to request him on Facebook, but he got way too many.  I just talked to him just now a few minutes ago.  We're going to hang out (Saturday night)."

Sam Webb:  Did Michigan enhance themselves on your list or are they the same as they were before you came?

Dallas Crawford: "It enhanced because it looked like I could play."

Sam Webb:  Was that only thing that moved them up?

Dallas Crawford: "The atmosphere was crazy.  When Forcier came in and ran that touchdown, you just felt all 113,000 people.  It was live!"

Sam Webb:  What about the weather?  I know it was a little bit chilly the last time you were up here?

Dallas Crawford: "This feels like summer compared to last time.  I can play in this weather right here."

Sam Webb:  The Wolverines have been pretty high for you for some time.  Where do they stand with you right now?

Dallas Crawford: "Michigan is #1 right now.  It is Michigan, Miami is a close second, then Tennessee and West Virginia."

Sam Webb:  So what is it about Michigan that has them on top for you right now?

Dallas Crawford: "I just feel like…I love the coaching staff and I feel that I can come in and contribute as a true freshman."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you at all about where you stand on their list and how early you might be able to contribute?

Dallas Crawford: "Yeah.  They say they don't want me to come in and sit.  They expected me to come in and play.  I know I have to work for it, nothing is guaranteed, but as long as I come in and work I can play as a true freshman."

Sam Webb:  Did they try to push you to commit?

Dallas Crawford: "Naw they don't ever put any pressure on me.  You know they could because it is their job, but they don't never be like, you have to do it now."

Sam Webb:  What does your timeline look like?

Dallas Crawford: "It will definitely be before the end of the season.  I'm not going to wait until signing day."

Sam Webb:  I heard that your brother is really helping you out with your decision-making process.  What is he telling you about everything?

Dallas Crawford: "He is a big Michigan fan.  He likes me at Michigan right now.  He pretty much, whatever I like, he'll be happy with whatever I like."

Sam Webb:  You said Miami is a close second.  What are they telling you about how where you stand with them?  Will it be a first come first serve type thing for you or Jabari Gorman with the Canes?

Dallas Crawford: "When I talk to Coach Hill, he just tells me that they want me, but I'm pretty sure he is telling Jabari (Gorman) the same thing.  I take everything they say with a grain of salt.  It is what it is and we'll see how that plays out."

Sam Webb:  What is going to push one school over the top and make you say, okay now I'm ready to go?

Dallas Crawford: "After I take a few of my other visits, I'll know exactly where I want to go."

Sam Webb:  What does your schedule look like, when are you going to take those visits?

Dallas Crawford: "I go to West Virginia next month on our open date.  I'm trying to come back up here in December and then I go to Miami for my official in January."

Sam Webb:  So you coming up here back for an official visit?

Dallas Crawford: "Yeah definitely."

Sam Webb:  You said that you might want to decide before the season… did you mean before signing?

Dallas Crawford: "Yeah, before signing day."

Sam Webb:  What about Sammie (Watkins)? I know that's your boy.  You all are both getting recruited by a lot of the same schools, are you guys talking about going to the same school at all?

Dallas Crawford: "Yeah, but we got to do what's best for each other individually.  He has a lot to consider with the quarterback and all the offensive schemes.  With me, I just line up on the other side of the ball and go.  So it is kind of a tougher for him."

Sam Webb:  I sort of asked you what was going to push a school over the top already… but go a bit further and lay out for me all the factors that are going to play into it?

Dallas Crawford: "Atmosphere, can I live here after the football season, can I earn a good degree and can I play."

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