Michigan Stacks Up Well for Flowers

Greenville, SC WR Hakeem Flowers finally got his first up close look at the Michigan football program last weekend and the Wolverines came away with high marks. The three star wideout chatted with GoBlueWolverine about the most memorable aspects of the trip, his view of the Michigan offense, Denard Robinson, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  How were things for you at Michigan this weekend?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Everything went pretty good.  It was nice.  It was what I expected it to be."

Sam Webb:  I know they probably took you on the tour.  What did you think of that?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I just got to see the academic part, because we didn't get there to around 12 something.  So I got to see was the academic part.  I liked it.  They have great academic facilities."

Sam Webb:  If you to pick out a thing or a couple of things that stood out to you the most on this visit, what would they be?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I would say the players and the stadium."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the offense?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I like the way they run their offense.  They throw to their receivers."

Sam Webb:  Who was your player host?   Who did you hang out with while you were up there?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Junior Hemingway."

Sam Webb:  He had a big day.  Did he get a chance to get with any of those quarterbacks?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I got to talk to Denard Robinson, but I didn't get to talk to Tate (Forcier)."

Sam Webb:  What was Shoelace like?

Hakeem Flowers:  "He was just real humble and telling me about how they play and stuff like that.  He was telling me how he was disappointed in the loss and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  What about the coaches, with game day and everything, I do not know how much time they get to spend to you.  What did they say to you when you got a chance to talk to them?

Hakeem Flowers:  "They was just saying they really want me to come to Michigan and they glad that I got to come up.  That night after the game I got to talk to all of the coaches, the wide receiver coaching telling that they don't really have depth so the receivers not in and out like they want them to.  They all great people.  I got a really great vibe off of them."

Sam Webb:  When you compare Michigan to the other places that you've been, how do the Wolverines stack up?

Hakeem Flowers:  "They fit up there really well now that I've gotten a chance to get out there and see them."

Sam Webb:  Did your dad make it up with you?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I went with my mom."

Sam Webb:  What did your mom say about the visit up to Michigan?

Hakeem Flowers:  "She enjoyed it.  She just didn't like how cold it was."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the weather up this way?

Hakeem Flowers:  "It was pretty chilly, but they say once you get up there you get used to it."

Sam Webb:  Michigan was your first official visit, what is going to be next for you now?

Hakeem Flowers:  "I'm going to be taking another official visit to Georgia Tech on November 13th." 

Sam Webb:  Have you set up any other official visits besides that one?

Hakeem Flowers:  "No I haven't."

Sam Webb:  When do you think you're going to get that done?

Hakeem Flowers:  "It should be here pretty soon."

Sam Webb:  What about your timeline then for making your choice?  How you settled on a timeframe for when you want to get everything over with?

Hakeem Flowers:  "It should be around the end of the season or sometime after that."

Sam Webb:  When is the end of your season?

Hakeem Flowers:  "It ends in about three to four weeks."

Sam Webb:  Who are the schools that you going to choose between again?

Hakeem Flowers:  "USC, LSU, Oregon, Georgia Tech and Michigan."

Sam Webb:  I know you've been to those other schools unofficially already . You said you're going to take an official to Georgia Tech. Are you definitely going to officially visit those other schools also?

Hakeem Flowers:  "Yeah.  I'm probably going to take all five of my officials."

Sam Webb:  Did your mom go with you to any other places?

Hakeem Flowers:  "She went with me to UCLA and Georgia Tech."

Sam Webb:  If you can recall, what did she say about UCLA and Georgia Tech?

Hakeem Flowers:  "She really liked the weather and atmosphere at UCLA.  She also liked how the coaches are recruiting me very hard at Georgia Tech."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite right now?

Hakeem Flowers:  "No not right now."

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