South Ft. Myers Coach Praises UM Experience

GoBlueWolverine previously caught up with South Ft. Myers (FL) duo Sammy Watkins and Dallas Crawford about their unofficial visits to Michigan last weekend. Now we check in with one of the gentlemen that accompanied them on the trip… their high school head coach, Grant Redhead. The South Ft. Myers headman shares his thoughts on just how impactful the visit experience was for his talented pupils.

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Sam Webb:  How are Sammy and Dallas doing for you this season?

Grant Redhead:  "They're having a fantastic season.  Dallas (Crawford) is leading the area in interceptions.  Sammy (Watkins) has had 274 all purpose yard games, running kick offs back, made some great grabs.  They are on track senior seasons.  They're not coasting, they're playing hard, so I like that."

Sam Webb:  I just talked to Dallas and he said Michigan is #1 on his list.  Are you surprised to hear him say that?

Grant Redhead:  "Naw, but I'm happy.. I'll tell you that.  I've been to the Big House.  I've seen games here and I know what it gets like.  When kids get in his environment and they know the coaches are good people and the players are good people and they know what they're doing and then they see what it is like and all the fans and everything, it sells kids.  No matter where you're at it sells them."

Sam Webb:  Ordinarily, you would think a loss would adversely affect a visit, but it seemed to have the opposite effect on Dallas.  He said I can I see that I can get out there and play.

Grant Redhead:  "He's watching the game and he's like, ‘we have similar things.'  Yeah I know it is a different level, but his ball sense and his skills he's got… (Mike) Barwis will get him ready.  I can guarantee that.  He saw that and (the Michigan players) are getting hungry.  ‘Yeah I can see myself doing that.'  (Sammy and Dallas) were in awe sometimes."

Sam Webb:  What did they say to you while you were sitting there watching the game… starting with Sammy?

Grant Redhead:  "He had a couple of ‘wows.'  ‘They're really getting into it… this is good.  Look at that, look at that, they're fighting back and they're coming.'  Pregame, they got all excited with the Hells Bells and the circle.  They had a great experience.  They saw a great college football game at maybe the pinnacle of college.  It could have been real easy for Michigan to pack it in, but they didn't they kept fighting and that's what you want to see.  That's what you want to go to.  Not a team that is frontrunners.  You want to see people who will fight from behind.

Sam Webb:  Give me your opinion on this staff as far as your players are concerned.  How comfortable would you feel with your guys here?

Grant Redhead:  "100% comfortable.  I've know Coach Frey for 15 years. Coach Rodriguez and his staff are good for kids… good for players to make sure they know what they were supposed to and teach them football.  That's the biggest thing.  You want to be comfortable as coach sending your players to a program where they are going to take care of them and make them do the right thing and stay on with them with their studies, not just let them do whatever.  These guys have done that.  I've known several of them for a while, so I am 100% comfortable."

Sam Webb:  Knowing Dallas and Sammy like you do, when they get ready to sit down and make their choices, what do you think are going to be the most significant factors in their decisions?

Grant Redhead:  "I think one is interaction.  They want to be able to have that interaction with the coaches and the players similar to what they have, good people around them.  Things like that, they want to be comfortable.  The environment, the Ann Arbor environment, Michigan environment is huge.  Another school that Sammy loves is Clemson, great college town just like this one.  That's what he likes.  Ability to get on the field, yeah you go from high school hero to college zero, but they see in the scheme and the way they play that they get in that they could contribute, hopefully early."

Sam Webb:  Do you think distance from home is going to play a role for either guy?

Grant Redhead:  "We're only two hours and 45 minutes away… that's how long it took us on that plane.  Flights are straight through and they are very, very reasonable, so that's a big point too.  It's not like you got to go three hours out of the way to get somewhere, it's quick.  It's quicker to get here than it is Gainesville."

Sam Webb:  When you give them advice, do you talk to them about how long they should take with their recruiting processes?

Grant Redhead:  "I told them, when you know, go ahead and pull the trigger… but you got to be sure.  Don't just take a visit to take a visit, take a visit because you got a vested interest there and you want to see what it is really like because you have that interest.  We don't want them to wait to the last day but also they want to focus on our season because we got something special going right now in Florida.  They don't want to sell short by jet setting around all over the weekend.  Once the season concludes, we are going to set up the top visits and we'll go from there."

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