Michigan on Mahone's Radar

Austintown (OH) Fitch tailback William Mahone was one of the top juniors in attendance for Michigan's homecoming battle with Iowa last weekend. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, his feelings about the Maize & Blue, and more.

Sam Webb:  How is the season going for you so far?

William Mahone:  "Good.  We're 8-0 right now and looking to push for the state playoffs and everything is rolling real good."

Sam Webb:  How are you doing individually; what do your stats look like?

William Mahone:  "I have two kick returns, three interceptions, an interception for a touchdown.  I think four rushing touchdowns.  I don't know about my yards yet."

Sam Webb:  I know what kind of season you are having.  They said you outplayed my man that committed to Ohio State; are you hearing from a lot of different schools since that game?

William Mahone:  "Yeah.  I get a lot of letters from a lot of schools around the country right now.  I'm just keeping my options open for now."

Sam Webb:  Any scholarship offers for you on the table yet?

William Mahone:  "Just my verbal one from Cincinnati that's about it."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan; how much you hearing from them?

William Mahone:  "They invited me to the game and everything.  I didn't really talk to anybody (Saturday), but they send me letters all the time."

Sam Webb:  What do you think of the Wolverines and how they have been playing this season?

William Mahone:  "They're surprising a lot of teams. They are getting their wins.  It is tough right now (after the Iowa game), but I think they will pull it together."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the atmosphere at the stadium?

William Mahone:  "It was good.  It is hard to take a loss, but it is my first game actually being too, so it was great.  The atmosphere was great."

Sam Webb:  What schools that are sort of sticking out for you right now?

William Mahone:  "Of course Cincinnati, I like to take a look all over, Oregon sends me a lot of letters.  I would like to take some trips down south, out on the West Coast.  Anywhere really."

Sam Webb:  Where does Michigan fit into your thought process at this point?

William Mahone:  "Probably top five somewhere."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite of favorites at this point?

William Mahone:  "Cincinnati because they are the only verbal offer but that's about it though."

Sam Webb:  Who is recruiting you the hardest at this point and do you have a favorite of favorites right now?

William Mahone:  "I can't really say who is recruiting me the hardest right now, because all there is letters really.  I get letters from a lot of schools every day, Oregon, Texas A&M, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Iowa, a lot of schools."

Sam Webb:  Do you have any plans on taking any other unofficial visits to any schools this season?

William Mahone:  "Yes.  I plan on going to a Penn State game, Michigan State, I think and Cincinnati.  Other than that, I'll just wait for the summer to go to any other unofficial visits."

Sam Webb:  Has your time table changed any?  There are a few guys in your class that committed early.  Is that what you want to do or do you want to wait?

William Mahone:  "I want to wait and take all my official visits."

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