Chris Ogbonnaya update spoke with Chris Ogbonnaya recently and he was very upbeat about his recent visit to Michigan! Click for more.

Chris Ogbonnaya's junior stats embodied the versatility that coaches crave in today's college game. With 22 receptions for 481 yards and 4 TDs, plus 44 carries for 397 yards and 8 TDs on offense, and 39 tackles, 4 pass break ups, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries and 1 blocked kick on defense, it's easy to see why coaches are beating down his door. This very pleasant young man gave us an update on where things stand, and Michigan is right in the thick of it!

Chris skies for the ball

How was your visit to Michigan?

I thought it went really well. The coaches were really receptive and open. I guess they didn't really expect me to come (on an unofficial visit) because I'm from Houston. I was in town to see my sister because she was in an opera over the weekend.

What did you do while you were there?

I watched a practice. I also got a chance to talk to the coaches and players. I spoke with Coach Jackson, Coach Campbell, and Coach Carr. They were all really nice. I didn't expect them to know who I was when I walked in, but they did! That really impressed me.

Did you get an offer?

No I didn't. They have a tape of me playing, but I don't think they had my actual highlight tape. I think that they have one now.

Can you name a top 5?

I would say Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Florida.

Have you visited any of those other schools?

I visited Texas once, and I'm going there again this weekend.

Where will you be camping this summer?

I'll probably camp at either Texas or Michigan.

Will you be making an early decision?

I'll be waiting a while to make my decision but it will probably come down to the schools I have offers from by the summer time.

What other factors will play into your decision?

The main factor will be a good academic environment. I want to go to a place where I can get a good education. All of the schools I listed have reputable academics.

I've read comments about you being good on both sides of the ball. Did Michigan indicate to you a position preference?

They didn't speculate about it too much, but I believe they like me as a wide receiver. They were really excited that I was there because they had been hearing a lot about me. They said that they had just recently watched tape of me when I got there.

Describe yourself as a player.

I think that my best attribute is my hands. My hands are really big, so it's easy for me to catch the ball. I also have the ability to make people miss.

Chris jukes the defenders

Are there any receivers, college or pro, that you look up to or model your game after?

In college I would have to say Roy Williams from Texas. In the NFL I would say Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens.

GBW will stay in touch with this big time Texas threat. So will Michigan!

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