Michigan Makes Move on Wormley

Toledo (OH) Whitmer DE Chris Wormley received his much anticipated offer from Michigan last weekend and later reflected on the experience with GoBlueWolverine. The c/o 2012 standout shares his thoughts on the Wolverines, his view of their defense, his upcoming visit plans, and much much more.

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Sam Webb:  Take me through the offer process Saturday.  How did it go down?

Chris Wormley:  "I was sitting down with my friends because they went to the game with me.  I was just talking and stuff and then the recruiting coordinator, Coach Singletary came by and told me that Coach Rodriguez wanted to talk to me.  I went over there and Coach Rodriguez came over and shook my hand and said, 'You got the offer.' He was really happy to get the offer to me and just wanted to let me know that I got the offer."

Sam Webb:  Was this first time that you really got a chance to talk to them or did you have that chance the last time you were up there?

Chris Wormley:  "Yeah that was the Connecticut game, the season opener.  They talked to me then (also) and all the coaches said they really wanted me up there and they really wanted me to become part of their program.  I was kind of hoping they would offer the next time I got up there and they did."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a feel for where they see you on the defense?  Is it a standup sort of defensive end linebacker or is it pure defensive end; what did they say about that?

Chris Wormley:  "I'm not sure right now but from looking at it on the field, they're a couple of D-ends and then a standup outside linebacker/D-end type of thing.  I'm not sure where they are going to put me at if I decide to go there."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a preference?

Chris Wormley:  "Right now, the team I play for Whitmer, I'm on the line with Kenny (Hayes), so that is what I probably prefer because I don't usually stand up."

Sam Webb:  I am sure that you have been paying attention to how Michigan has been doing this season.  What are your thoughts on the Wolverines at this point in time?

Chris Wormley:  "Their offense is probably pretty much leading their team right now with Denard Robinson in the Heisman race.  Their defense just needs to come together and get their stuff together and I think they'll be a pretty good team.  Their defense is a little down right now."

Sam Webb:  When you watch that defense do you say, ‘hey, that it is an opportunity to go in there and play early?' or do you look at it and say, ‘hey I would rather go to a more established defense?'

Chris Wormley:  "That's a big thing that people are always talking about and that's always in my head -- do I want to be on a good defense and probably not play that much or just go to a team that needs the help and start right away?  It is definitely something that is on my mind."

Sam Webb:  You just said that Michigan and Ohio State are at the top of your list now, but for a while there you were saying Ohio State was #1.  What did all of the Michigan fans in your life have to say about that when you told them?

Chris Wormley:  "Some of them gave me crap about it, but my parents and stuff were understanding; they just want the best for me in the end."

Sam Webb:  Do you know Kevin Koger very well?

Chris Wormley:  "Yeah I talk to him once in a while.  I usually talk to him when he is at home and stuff and at the practice field and when they are working out with us and stuff."

Sam Webb:  What is the relationship like with him?  Has he been a guy that has talked to you about your game or is it just kind of a workout partner?

Chris Wormley:  "It is kind of a, ‘How are you doing' thing.' Hopefully over the next couple of months I'll hopefully get to talk to him about Michigan and their program and just a little bit more about the school and stuff."

Sam Webb:  You've been to both of those campuses a number of times already.  Have you visited anywhere else?

Chris Wormley:  "Over the summer, I went to the Eastern Michigan seven-on-seven and Toledo, but not any big schools."

Sam Webb:  Do you have any plans to make it out to any other schools this fall before the season ends?

Chris Wormley:  "Not right now, but hopefully next year I'll get out to more games."

Sam Webb:  Do you think distance from home is going to be a factor for you at all?

Chris Wormley:  "I might go several states away, but it will definitely be a factor in my decision."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk about your season real quick.  Have you noticed that, are teams sort of keying in on you now this season?

Chris Wormley:  "Yeah they are doubling both me and Kenny and that leaves are defensive tackles to be one on one ... our D-tackles are pretty good, so I guess it is a good thing for our team overall."

Sam Webb:  Do you know what your stats are so far?

Chris Wormley:  "Not off the top of my head.  I would say probably 40 tackles and six or seven sacks maybe."

Sam Webb:  What is your team's record?

Chris Wormley:  "We're 7-1 right now and #1 in our region."

Sam Webb:  For people who haven't seen you play, imagine for a second you're a coach or a scout in the stands and you are watching Chris Wormley on the field… sort of break down your own game for me.

Chris Wormley:  "I look at the play before the ball's snap and see what's going on.  I read my keys really good.  I just play fast and aggressive and just go all out for the team."

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