Kevin Sousa's Coach Talks Michigan, Visits

The quarterback commit's coach caught up with GoBlueWolverine to discuss their recent visit, other possible visits, and to clear up some confusion.

Kevin Sousa, Michigan's quarterback commitment, took in Michigan's recent game against Iowa on his official visit. Tripping with him was his mentor and high school coach, Anthony Paradiso.

"We thought it was just a wonderful experience to be in such an alumni based, rich fan area," Paradiso told GoBlueWolverine. "113,000 was just a great experience to be a part of. It was a homecoming game, and to hear the band, the fight song and just be there for the whole thing was a pretty cool thing."

During the visit, Sousa's eyes were opened and educated on the fact that, although new to the game, he has all the ability in the world to compete at one of the highest levels.

"With Kevin, I've always told him that he has the talent to play at that level. But he's so new to football he has a couple doubts because of his age and his maturity. But seeing those kids on the field and seeing the offense and seeing their names in the weight room and the size of those quarterbacks, he came out with a very confident mindset and comfortable that he could play at their level. He saw the record board, which is a pretty cool thing in the weight room, and he saw Denard was the strongest quarterback. The record was 320 pounds and Sousa right now at 17 years old is benching 340. He's finally starting to realize that he's big enough, strong enough, fast enough. He's capable of playing at that level. Him being around that, on the sideline, standing next to those guys, it's opened his eyes to how good he could really be. It was a really exciting thing for him."

Although committed to Michigan, Sousa will use all of his allotted official visits, which has been the plan all along.

"Kevin is taking four more official visits. He'll be going to Middle Tennessee, Louisville and Wake Forest. Those coaches have recruited Kevin from day one and we visited those schools before we even flew out to Michigan and before we ever had contact with Michigan. The recruiting as far as Kevin goes, those coaches were there longer than with Michigan. So I can see where that's kind of being said. I know Kevin shared that with somebody. He didn't feel like he had been recruited by Michigan like those other schools and he was telling me the other day it feels like we recruited Michigan more than they recruited him. That was something that I told him a while back. I don't think it's more frustration, it's more along the line of them not being as active in the process as the other schools have been."

It isn't uncommon for schools to recruit until the final whistle blows, Michigan being one of them. Sousa will take that all in, but Paradiso maintains that Sousa's commitment is still to the Wolverines.

"One thing that I've shared with him is that you're always going to evaluate everything that's going on. When he committed, he committed to the school, the tradition, the pride of Michigan and everything that is going on there. I think he's going to still evaluate everything going on because Kevin Sousa that visited Michigan back in July is a different kid than Kevin Sousa in October. I'm just talking about his playing -- he's progressed so much, one thing he's shared with me is that he doesn't want to go somewhere and sit 2-3-4 years and get a chance to play maybe one. A lot of other schools are talking to him about the chance to come in and play early like Tate and Denard did last year. But at the same time, you're looking at Big Ten football and Michigan and just the pageantry that's there. It's just going to be an ongoing evaluation, but I think that he's pretty excited about Michigan. One thing I think he was disappointed in, was he didn't feel like people knew he committed. They talked to him like he was any other recruit, and not the guy that was going to be their future quarterback. But I do know he was amped up about the visit."

Many thought that the Wolverines were done with quarterback recruiting when Sousa committed over the summer, but the plan has slightly changed. Even with the change in plans, Sousa is aware of what's in front of him.

"One thing they did say is that they're going to go try and get another quarterback. That's something… the plan has changed since July. In July they said they were going to take one and he was the one. But they did share that they were going to go try and get another one. I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to him about that situation, but no matter where he goes, he's been educated, that at that position he's going to have competition. It doesn't matter who they take, as long as he has confidence in himself and his abilities he can do it, but he'll always have competition at that position."

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