Darian Cooper talks recruiting, teammate

DeMatha Md. defensive tackle Darian Cooper fills in GBW on the latest for him, and tells us about his kicker-teammate.

Sam Webb: Did Coach Dews make it down to see your game?

Darian Cooper: "Yeah, he did make it down to see the game. He told me that he was coming down to watch our kicker Michael Branthover, see what he could do in the game. We saw him in the stands."

Sam Webb: How did you do in the game?

Darian Cooper: "I didn't play in this game. I have a sprained ligament in my foot and they just rested me up coming into the next week."

Sam Webb: You're going to be good to go the next game?

Darian Cooper: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: Have you set up your visit to Michigan yet?

Darian Cooper: "No. I have not set up any visits so far. I have just really been kind of focused on my football season. We had a few mishaps in the season and we just needed to clear some things up. So I kind of distanced myself from the whole recruiting process."

Sam Webb: Are you going to wait until after the season to focus on recruiting again?

Darian Cooper: "As the season kind of comes to a close and we start to tighten the ship a little bit more, I'm able to become a little more open with the recruiting process, but it kind of seems that way."

Sam Webb: It sounds like you have not narrowed anything down yet?

Darian Cooper: "The schools still in the running for me are Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Iowa, UCLA, Georgia Tech and Maryland."

Sam Webb: So you pretty sure that you are going to take all official visits?

Darian Cooper: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: Tell me about this kicker real quick. Is he the real deal?

Darian Cooper: "Oh he is the real deal. He has been a four year starter. He put a 40 something yard field goal up this year. I think it might have been 45 yards or something. He's the real deal. Not too many kickers come around like that guy."

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