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Denard Robinson showed his sunny disposition again as he talked about his Iowa and MSU performances, his health, and the team.

Question: You're all smiles, I'm guessing your healthy?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. Feeling good. It was great to have a week off I guess."

Question: What did you do with your week off?

Denard Robinson: "Relaxed, just hang out, sleep a lot, watch a couple of games and that's it."

Question: Were some of the interceptions because of your arm and what you were going through with your shoulder?

Denard Robinson: "I can't put nothing on nothing, I was out there playing so I wouldn't say it was my shoulder."

Question: Did it affect on how hard you could throw or accuracy?

Denard Robinson: "Not really, not really."

Question: How extensive was the rehabilitation for the shoulder in the last week?

Denard Robinson: "I was on it real hard. We have been treating it almost every day. I feel 100% better."

Question: When you get a bye week after two losses, what changes in that bye week, as far as attitude and scheme, does anything change for the better?

Denard Robinson: "We come together a little bit more. We just relax and get together and just practice together and learn from our mistakes that we made the last two weeks."

Question: Even though you know that you need to be healing up, is it hard to not be taking all the practice snaps and all that?

Denard Robinson: "I hate sitting out. I hate watching people practice and I hate watching my teammates practice and me not be a part of it. I guess you try to get better, you shouldn't rush into anything. Take care of your body first and everything else will fall into place."

Question: Did you practice at all last week?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, I did."

Question: How much of wanting to go out there and playing with pain is because you know you've got a capable backup behind you and you don't want to give him any wiggle room to take that away from you?

Denard Robinson: "I don't think about that. Whoever the better man for the job. If he get the job done, I'm pretty sure I'd let him do it. I really don't care about who is starting, whoever is going to make the team win is who I'm with."

Question: Who's decision was it in the second half (Iowa game) that kept you out?

Denard Robinson: "The trainers kept me out and I just felt like I couldn't go."

Question: As a quarterback that runs a lot how big is a concussion for you?

Denard Robinson: "I think we should go out there and play football. I think football is football. I don't think they should take that away. Just let us play, don't limit us, it is football."

Question: When somebody is coming for you, do you know kind of the angle that they are taking or how they are going to hit you?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know what angle they taking, I just trying to avoid them I guess."

Question: You said you watched a couple of games on Saturday, did you watch the Auburn game and what do you think of their quarterback there?

Denard Robinson: "Cam Newton, he played a great game. He was outstanding. He's a great guy, great player."

Question: Did you know him at all from your time in Florida?

Denard Robinson: "No not really."

Question: Did coaches talk to you at all during the bye about maybe pressing a little bit in the Iowa and Mcihigan State game on maybe those interceptions that you threw and did they tell you to relax at all?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. They told me to make better decisions basically and not rushing it. Just calm down."

Question: What gives you confidence that this season will finish better than last season when you guys also had a good start?

Denard Robinson: "We're a different team. We train harder, we practice harder and we play harder. We more as a team, more as a family than we was last year."

Question: Not just turnovers that you had but as a team, do you think that they were more as a result of better defenses with Michigan State and Iowa or were they preventable?

Denard Robinson: "We could have prevented all those turnovers. Just simple mistakes, it is just you live and you learn. I guess you can't make the same mistake twice."

Question: After the Michigan State game, Kelvin (Grady) and a couple of your teammates talked about how you stepped up in the locker room and talked to your teammates, are you trying to take a little bit more a leadership role vocally?

Denard Robinson: "I don't like talking at all. I would rather lead as an example, for examples. I would rather not talk about it, but if I have to talk, I'll talk. I really don't like leading by talking. I would rather show."

Question: What made you that night though after that game be a talker?

Denard Robinson: "Because we don't want the season to become like last year. I don't want everyone putting their heads down in our locker room, so that is why I said something."

Question: How did you think Will Campbell did this week as an offensive guard?

Denard Robinson: "He's going to be nice. He's going to be nice at offensive guard. He's going to be real good."

Question: Are you slowed at all? I mean your running numbers weren't quite the same the last two weeks, were you slowed by the knee or just something that they were doing scheme-wise to contain you?

Denard Robinson: "I just made some bad reads and I hesitated a little bit and it kind of messed me up."

Question: How is the knee?

Denard Robinson: "The knee's good."

Question: You said hesitating, you talk about playing fast, reading fast?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah making the read faster. I just hesitated a little too much and that cost me."

Question: How much you are looking forward to getting back on the field on Saturday?

Denard Robinson: "I'm real excited. I don't know if I can wait. I'm ready to play right now. We'll see Saturday how we come out."

Question: Obviously, you had experience last year in Iowa in a night game, going into a hostile environment how is that going to help you?

Denard Robinson: "I try not to pay attention to the fans or nothing. It's all focus on the game. We on the field, you don't hear the fans when you're on the field.'

Question: You can't hear them?

Denard Robinson: "No."

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