Full Transcript: Steve Schilling

The Michigan captain talks about the position switch of Big Will and Q, about playing at PSU at night, about which frosh linemen have impressed the most, and more.

Question: What do you think of Will Campbell to offensive guard this and on the flip side, how do you think Quinton Washington to the defense?

Steve Schilling: "We always joke about those two switching them back and forth. So it was fun to get to see them play on the other side of the ball. Obviously, I got to see more of Will playing offensive line. I always thought sometimes he played D-line almost like an offensive line. He liked to finish us in practice instead of making practice. I thought it was exciting to get to see him play and obviously he has not played since high school, it has been a few years. He can be a really, really good offensive lineman. He's athletic, he's big and strong. When he learns what he's doing, I definitely think he has got some success. Quinton, he is probably a guy that if he gets a head of steam and running at you and hitting you, it is going to hurt. So for him to be on defense, I'm pretty excited to see what he can do against some other team if he is running out there tackling some guys."

Question: With the bye week, being one of the co-captains of the team, something where you guys need do so something to perhaps address the team or anything like that?

Steve Schilling: "We really didn't. Coach Rodriguez talked to us at the beginning of last week and told us to rest up this week and when we practiced, we worked a lot on fundamentals. He wanted to go back to our fundamentals and make sure we're doing the things that we were doing at the beginning of the season still and kind of get back to what made us so successful at the beginning of the year. That's pretty much what we focused on this week in practice.

Question: Talk about playing at Penn State?

Steve Schilling: "It's a fun place to play that's for sure. I've only played there one time. The night atmosphere is going to be a little bit different but everybody gets up for a night game, especially at a place like that. It's so historic, the night games at Happy Valley. There is at least one on TV every year, one or two. I don't think we have to really say much. The guys will understand. They'll see the atmosphere and they'll be excited."

Question: Do you feel physically and mentally refreshed right now compared to Monday's usually?

Steve Schilling: "Better. It was good to get a little rest this weekend and kind of hang out and watch some football games and kind of recharge the battery to get ready to go. It is a good timing, seven weeks into the season, get a little break and get going for the last five."

Question: When the offense is based on no huddle and hand signals, is it easier to run in a hostile environment?

Steve Schilling: "We still got to hear the quarterback. It is loud in there. It is hard to hear. Definitely, the fact that there is signals, I'm sure it is easier for the fact there is no huddles and the receivers and the backs and stuff can just look to the sideline and get signals and then the quarterback usually tells us the play. It is hard to hear in there, but I think it does help, yeah."

Question: Are there any freshman or any young players that are really impressing you on the offensive line and defensive?

Steve Schilling: "Obviously Taylor (Lewan) stepped in there on the offensive line as a freshman, a young guy. He's been playing really well next to me. On defense, I'll stay on the line and go with Jibreel Black. A guy who has been playing D-end, a lot of times against Taylor in practice, who is going to have a great career here. He has worked so hard. He has got to get a lot bigger and stronger through his four years in the weight room and I'm excited to see what he is going to be the next three years definitely."

Question: It seemed like Taylor was a little jumpy in that last game taking a few penalties, was there anything you can say to him in those situations or afterwards?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah you just got to try and calm him down. He gets amped up for those games, real excited. The one time he jumped, he was all fired up and didn't think he jumped and I was out there and I was just trying to tell him calm down, calm down. There is nothing you can do about it now. He called the penalty, just because you said you didn't jump he is not going to take it back. Move on, forget about it, move on and try not to do it again. He's real excited and has energy, which is good, he has just got to learn to control it and use it between the whistles."

Question: Have you thought at all about this being the home stretch of your career and how you want to finish it?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah. I've realized I've only got two more home games now. Every time I run out of the tunnel, I'm kind of cherishing it a little bit more this year and definitely five games left to go out the right way, win these games and send off the rest of my senior year and myself on the right note and kind of set the tone for years to come with all the young guys. It is an exciting opportunity we have in front of us and hopefully we can take advantage."

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