Full Transcript: Vincent Smith

Running Back Vincent Smith talks about his knee, about his long touchdown catch, and about the bye week.

Question: Did you watch football on Saturday and if so what stood out to you, who impressed you?

Vincent Smith: "I watched pretty much a little bit. I look at my opponents but not as much as I need to. I just need to know the different fronts and what to expect and what not to do expect."

Question: You didn't sit back and enjoy the day and watch football?

Vincent Smith: "Naw, I just pretty much healed up, looked at a couple of film and just basically did my research on what I was going to be able to do in the game."

Question: In your mind what changes in a bye week, like when you get a whole off, like health?

Vincent Smith: "Oh yeah, health and your attitude as well. You look at the past games and just to get back on track and get your body right and get your momentum back I guess."

Question: How excited are you guys just to kick the ball off again?

Vincent Smith: "Very excited. This bye week pretty much got us back on track and got us a little bit of rehabilitation and we're ready to get back on the field and get back to it."

Question: With (Stephen) Hopkins are there things you saw earlier in the year; obviously, he is getting more carries now. Did you see that kind of momentum from him early?

Vincent Smith: "Yes. I saw it earlier, like at the end of camp, I saw it. He could be a big part of this football team and help us along the way. I saw it at the end of camp."

Question: What do you guys do well that you noticed that other guys maybe do not have that you and Mike (Shaw) both have?

Vincent Smith: "Inside, he's a better downhill runner and he told me as well that he liked he the downhill running."

Question: What ways are you guys back on track?

Vincent Smith: "Mentally and physically in all areas and just getting back to being more hungry."

Question: In the area of turnovers, do you except this team to get back to looking more like it did the first five games rather then the last couple?

Vincent Smith: "Yes obviously because this bye week helped us to look at all the mistakes that we had and just correct them and to be prepared for not letting it happen again."

Question: How different is your perspective having this week off? You guys have had a chance to sit and kind of go over things in your mind and come back a little fresher?

Vincent Smith: "Yeah. We basically this whole week, just basically worked on the small things, techniques and all the small things because we overlooked those and just basically we have it again and just looking at the small things and getting better at the small things."

Question: Are you excited about a night game on Saturday and can you just talk about your experiences playing at night?

Vincent Smith: "I'm excited about this night game because you don't have too many of these night games in primetime and pretty much take me back to my high schools when we always played on Friday nights. So I'm pretty excited about it."

Question: On that touchdown catch that you got from Denard (Robison) against Iowa, do you like to be spread out a bit more?

Vincent Smith: "Yes and all types of ways, I like being in space, as wide out, running back, any way I can be able to get the ball and free in space, I love that. I'm comfortable in any type of zone there is."

Question: Did you have to work on your pass catching or is that something that is natural as running?

Vincent Smith: "Yeah just naturally. I've been at that since high school, so it wasn't something I pretty much had to work on."

Question: Are you 100% over that knee injury or are you still a little bit…?

Vincent Smith: "I'm 100."

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