Branden Jackson Still Wide Open

Has Mc Keesport, PA LB Branden Jackson scheduled an official visit to Michigan? GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Keystone State star to get the latest on his recruitment, his interest in the Maize & Blue, and more.

Sam Webb:  I had heard that Michigan made it by your school last week?

Branden Jackson:  "Yeah they came by and watched practice."

Sam Webb:  Do you know which coach it was?

Branden Jackson:  "Yeah it was Coach Gibby."

Sam Webb:  Do you think that at this point you are going to take a visit to Michigan?

Branden Jackson:  "I don't know.  I think (Delvon Simmons) already scheduled a visit to go there, but I haven't made my decision whether I am going to or not."

Sam Webb:  Is Michigan still on your list or have they fallen off?

Branden Jackson:  "They still on my list.  I talk to them every week."

Sam Webb:  Are you and Delvon, you said you don't know what all his visits look like, but it is something that you guys talk about in terms of going to the same school in college or do you not talk about that?

Branden Jackson:  "We talk about it sometimes, not a lot though."

Sam Webb:  How big of a deal do you think that is going to be?  Is that going to be a real factor for you in the grand scheme of things?

Branden Jackson:  "Maybe towards the end it will be, but as of right now, it is something that we don't stress about really.'

Sam Webb:  So who are the schools that you are considering at this point?

Branden Jackson:  "I'm still wide open."

Sam Webb:  When do you think you're going to be narrowing things down?

Branden Jackson:  "After my season is over."

Sam Webb:  How are things going for you on the football field so far?

Branden Jackson:  "It is going good. I don't know what my stats are, but I know we're 7-1."

Sam Webb:  Do you get a chance to watch much college football?

Branden Jackson:  "Yeah I watch football every chance I get on the weekend."

Sam Webb:  Do you pay closer attention to the schools that you're looking to go too or are you just watching everything?

Branden Jackson:  "I watch everything.  I make it a point to watch the schools that are recruiting me."

Sam Webb:  So what do you think of the start that Michigan is off to?

Branden Jackson:  "Michigan surprised me.  I didn't know they were going to be as good as they were when the season started or whatever.  They're a good team.  They just got some little mistakes that hurt them in the long run."

Sam Webb:  What about the defense?  Do you look at it and say I kind of want to go to a more established defense, or do you look at it and say hey, that's a chance for playing time?

Branden Jackson:  "I never really thought of it either way.  I just watch the game and stuff.  When I'm watching a football game, I watch the game.  When I watch a team that is recruiting me, I don't really pay much attention to the score and all that.  I just pay attention to the player that is playing that position that I'm be recruiting at, watching what they do."

Sam Webb:  I've been watching a lot of film, as much as you can and you're a real versatile guy.  Are schools looking at you mainly as outside linebacker, are they looking at you as a defensive end or are some talking to you in the middle; where are schools looking at you?

Branden Jackson:  "All of them.  It was kind of split between defensive end and outside linebacker.  Some of them like the hybrid type end, a standup end.  Some even said that they wanted me at middle linebacker, but it is just a few."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a preference?

Branden Jackson:  "I would rather play linebacker but defensive end is something I'm kind of (open to)."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Jackson in the coming weeks.

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