Full Transcript: Craig Roh

The hybrid LB/DE talks about the off week, and about going after a rookie Penn State quarterback.

Question: Can eight o'clock Saturday get here soon enough for you guys?

Craig Roh: "Yeah. We are just really excited about this game. It is going to be a fun game in a great place to play and it is just going to be really exciting to come back off of a bye week and just with energy and we've been healed up."

Question: You haven't been on the list of folks injured, but does a bye week still kind of help the bumps and bruises along the way?

Craig Roh: "Oh yeah definitely. Every team in the NCAA has bumps and bruises and a week to heal them is great."

Question: How mentally and physically refreshed do you feel right now?

Craig Roh: "I myself feel very refreshed. It is nice to get out of the pressure cooker a little bit and just feel refreshed and ready to go."

Question: What do you think the points of emphasis for this week during the bye week defensively?

Craig Roh: "Points of emphasis, we've just been kind of getting back to our fundamentals, getting the right reads and keying the right things."

Question: How do you take advantage of that inexperienced Penn State quarterback that they have?

Craig Roh: "You show him a lot of different looks to get him confused. You make him think we're doing one thing and we do another."

Question: Was Saturday different at all for you?

Craig Roh: "We're just going to prepare as much as we can. Obviously on Saturday, we can prepare a little bit more because it is a little bit later of a game."

Question: Did you watch football on Saturday, was there a Big Ten team that impressed you?

Craig Roh: "I just watched the Penn State game and it was just nice to see them in how they played, the tempo of the game."

Question: Do you get anything out of watching them or more out of watching film?

Craig Roh: "I get more out of watching film, but I do get something out of watching the live games. You can kind of get the tempo that they are going, the cadence that they are saying, you can kind of hear that on TV sometimes."

Question: Do you feel like the defense is getting closer to taking some good steps?

Craig Roh: "Yeah definitely. We've been making steps this whole season. We've been improving and improving. It may not correlate exactly to on the field, but we're slowly making improvements. It is just how quickly does it show up on the field in a big way."

Question: Has it happened yet or are you getting to that point?

Craig Roh: "You can definitely see things that we are doing better now that we didn't do at the beginning of the season. We're just going to continue to keep improving. It is a lot of guys that want to be really good."

Question: What do you see the defense doing better?

Craig Roh: "Their keys, taking the right reading steps, breaking on balls faster. Just a lot of good stuff. Everyone is learning the defense, more as a whole."

Question: When a kid like Quinton Washington gets thrown over onto that side of the ball, is it hard to really gauged what he can do or is he kind of just learning everything from scratch?

Craig Roh: "I thought Quinton thought he should have been playing defense about a month ago. He has just kind of got that aggressive manner that I think is really good for defense. I think he is to a certain extent learning from scratch and it is going to take him a little bit to really become comfortable there."

Question: Talk about how Kenny Demens is doing?

Craig Roh: "I think Kenny Demens is a great athlete, great build. I think he's doing great with the opportunities that he's gotten."

Question: Were you able to tell a difference not having Mike Martin in there? Obviously, he is so talented, but was it noticeable in the second half of the game?

Craig Roh: "All I know is that Mike Martin is an amazing athlete. He can take three blocks at a time and still get into the backfield and still get sacks. His back up, Adam Patterson, he is doing the best of his abilities."

Question: What do you remember last year with the Iowa game that was on the road at night? Is it more uncomfortable for visitors?

Craig Roh: "I love night games myself. I just feel like there is kind of an electricity about the. You almost take it as a challenge. The crowd is obviously a little bit more excited and you kind of just feed off of that."

Question: I know the coach doesn't like to talk about the previous season but the slide at last season, the second half of the season; do you talk about that at all in preventing that this year and how to avoid that? You are one game away from bowl eligibility.

Craig Roh: "We just keep looking forward, looking ahead. We try not to think too much about the past and try to stay positive and always bring in a good attitude."

Question: What gives you confidence that this year will not end like that?

Craig Roh: "We just have a lot of guys that are really, really want to be good and are willing to put in the time to be good."

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