Michigan Makes Move on Morgan (Part 1)

Holland (MI) West Ottawa LB/ATH Desmond Morgan blown away by an unexpected phone call last night. The rising senior prospect was contacted by Michigan headman Rich Rodriguez and informed that an offer to play his college football in Ann Arbor was waiting for him. He chatted with GoBlueWolverine last night about his recruitment, his interest in the Maize & Blue and more.

Sam Webb:  I heard you received some big news from Michigan tonight.  Take me through exactly how everything went down.

Desmond Morgan:  "Yeah for sure.  I have just kind of been talking a little bit back and forth in email with the recruiting coordinator there and he asked my cell phone number tonight.  I got a call from Coach Magee there and he told me that he had someone next to him that I might want to talk to and he handed the phone over and there was Coach Rodriguez and I was kind of in shock at that moment and he told me they are offering me a scholarship and I went in even more shock.  It was an exciting phone call."

Sam Webb:  You say you're in shock.  Is that because this offer is sort of out of the blue?

Desmond Morgan:  "It kind of was out of the blue.  I took a visit there probably a month or go.  I went to the UMASS game there and I passed out my film.  I didn't really know what to expect out of it.  I hadn't heard from them much along the recruiting process and just kind of as of late, this was probably about a week ago that we started emailing back and forth.  I really didn't know what was going to happen.  I got the phone call tonight and it was pretty much out of the clear blue.  So I was really just taken aback by it."

Sam Webb:  So what exactly did Coach Rodriguez have to say to you?

Desmond Morgan:  "He told me that he sat down with his coaching staff and they had been talking and he asked for some guys that they could think of that were hard nose football players and good students, had their priorities straight and things like that. Somehow my name came up, he looked into it, watched some film and they had a couple of guys watch my game last week.  He had heard from that.  He talked to my family a little bit and then he just kind of talked about the University of Michigan and he asked me a little bit about my family and things like that and what other sports I played.  He would like me to get down there for a visit with the family here some time soon and just kind of talked about things like that.  It was a good phone call; I really enjoyed it."

Sam Webb:  When you talked to Coach Rodriguez did he lay out to you the position that they are recruiting you for?

Desmond Morgan:  "Yeah he did.  He said that when he watched my film, the thing he loved about it as well is that I'm a guy that can play multiple positions.  He saw my film from last year and I played a lot of fullback and linebacker on defense.  They don't use that much of a fullback and the thing they are really looking at was linebacker.   They said they were recruiting me as a linebacker, inside or outside and go from there."

Sam Webb:  As far as your recruiting is concerned, what other schools do you have offers from and what other schools are recruiting you hard at this point?

Desmond Morgan:  "My other offers right now are from Bowling Green, Akron and Buffalo, MAC schools.  I got one from Michigan tonight and other schools that I'm hearing from….I'm hearing from Northwestern, Cincinnati as well.  I talk to Vanderbilt quit a bit and Boston College, I was in communication with them pretty heavily over the summer and still talk to the coaches every now and then."

Sam Webb:  I also noticed that you camped at Michigan a few years ago.  Was that a yearly thing or was it just a one time thing?

Desmond Morgan:  "Yeah it was a couple of years ago.  A buddy of mine who plays at my school Zach Boersma, a running back.  He grew up a Michigan fan and went to Michigan football camp about every year.  He asked me to go one year and I just wasn't able to.  The following year going into my sophomore year…actually going into my junior year, I told him I would go and kind of looked at it as something you go and kind of learn, possibly a little bit of recruiting exposure type thing.  I went to the camp and I enjoyed going to the camp and I learned a lot of things there from the coaching staff.  It wasn't a yearly thing or anything like that, it was just kind of something that my buddy had been asking me to go with him for a while and I finally said yeah, I'd like to go."

Sam Webb:  You said your buddy grew up a Michigan fan… did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Desmond Morgan:  "I grew up a Michigan fan as well.  A lot of family were long time supporters always knew Saturday afternoon was going to watch Michigan games and rooting for them, things like that.  Definitely grew up a Michigan fan."

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