New Turf in the Big House

Michigan comes to a decision on the new surface for the Big House field.

GBW has learned that Michigan will announce soon that it will be installing the artificial surface, "FieldTurf," in Michigan Stadium. With the surface already in place in Oosterbaan Field House, the players and coaches know what to expect from the new field. Constructed from individually woven artificial fibers with a silica and rubber (made from used Nike shoes) infill, the surface truly simulates an organic field. The footing is excellent, yet it "gives" like natural grass, which prevents a lot of the tendon and ligament injuries characteristic of the old astro-turf surfaces. Further, many that have played on this new wave field give testimonials about the lack of soreness and decreased recovery time when compared to the old astro-turf.

Michigan decided on "FieldTurf" after considering nine companies in January, narrowing the choices down to three in March, and reaching a final conclusion this week. The cost of the project will come in between $750,000 and $1,000,000.

Michigan fans, don't be surprised if you see the historic block M return to the middle of the field. Also, don't be surprised if you see the "FieldTurf" surface on campus in another place for another team.

For more information on "FieldTurf," check out the official site here: FieldTurf

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