Full Transcript: Denard Postgame

Denard talked about the health of his hip and arm, about the offensive performance, and about the team coming back.

Question: Did the hip injury affect you the rest of the way?

Denard Robinson: "No it didn't. I was alright. I was able to play through."

Question: What was the difference between the first half when you guys were struggling to score and the second half when it seemed a lot easier?

Denard Robinson: "We came in there and made some adjustments and we came out ready to play some football."

Question: What do you feel went on in the first half? Did you see something or did you notice anything?

Denard Robinson: "We didn't notice anything. They played what we had seen and they had done before."

Question: You guys tried to hurry up in the first half, did it take some time to get used to it or did they do something that was stopping it?

Denard Robinson: "No. We had made plays off of tempo, which we did."

Question: Rich said you have a lingering issue with your shoulder, do you feel anything when you throw?

Denard Robinson: "I felt pretty good. I felt pretty good out there today."

Question: How do you guys keep it together going down the stretch now?

Denard Robinson: "We're a team. We're a family. You can't break a family. There is going to be some downs and out, but you don't break a family."

Question: Is it frustrating that this came after the bye especially?

Denard Robinson: "We keep going. We've got more games play. It's a long season."

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