Molk says Time for an Attitude Adjustment

Michigan junior center David Molk insists that neither he nor his team has given up on the season. In his own passionate no-nonsense way, he laid out exactly what the Wolverines must do to break out of their recent losing streak.

Question:  As one of the leaders on the team when you talk to the guys after three in a row, what do you basically say to kind of pull everybody together?

Dave Molk:  "It's an attitude adjustment. We need to realize what we need to do every time we come out to play.  It can't just be some half ass work ethic.  It needs to be full out every play, every down, every game and we're going to realize that shortly and we'll get it done."

Question:  Can you put into words how desperately you want to win this game to be bowl eligible, stop the losing streak, stop the talk about this being like last year.

Dave Molk:  "Yeah obviously for all three of those things it is something we need to do.  More or less just for this program in general, losing isn't good.  Losing looks bad and we don't deserve it.  We've worked too hard and we've gone too far and we've done too much and this shouldn't be the outcome and it is going to change."

Question:  Does that mean you personally going to take some kind of role to change that?

Dave Molk:  "I'm going to do whatever I can do, as much as I can do."

Question:  You guys have grown leaps and bounds since two years ago, been the best unit on the team.  Do you give any advice for some of the young guys in the secondary that are going through the same thing that you went through a few years ago?

Dave Molk:  "It is something that every football player goes through coming into college and when you're young, you don't really understand what you do.  You cannot adapt to the speed as fast.  You cannot adapt to the play as fast, you cannot adapt to the players as fast.  It is something that you learn and it is an experience thing.  You can see it faster and you can decipher what they're going to do earlier."

Question:  You seem very frustrated and I'm sure everybody in that building is frustrated with the losing.  Coach Rodriguez always talks about the inexperience you guys have on both sides of the ball, the want to and hunger, no question is there.  How much is it actually the ability for you guys to do it and compete in this conference?

Dave Molk:  "We have the ability.  There is no doubt in my mind that we have the ability.  Obviously, we show the effort every single game.  Effort is no problem.  We'll get out there and fight every single play.  It is just the mental aspect.  We need to improve our technique.  We need to improve our reading skills.  It is something that will come and I'm hoping it comes fast."

Question:  Does that just comes with years, as there are so many freshman playing and true sophomores playing or does that come in weeks?

Dave Molk:  "It can come in weeks.  It can come in days.  It is a matter of film study of just clicking.  You don't just wake up one day and you go oh, I know how to play football now and I'm going to be good now.  It is something that is an acquired talent and we're going to get it right."

Question:  Do you see some of that in practice?  Is that the frustrating part is that you see it in practice, but you don't see it on Saturday?

Dave Molk:  "Yes and no.  Because we're so deep into the season we are going to be going against one offense that is going to go against one defense all the time.  We cannot do that.  It is a liability…I don't really know how to put it into words. We're moving towards where the place we need, we're just not there yet."

Question:  The offense has played well, how do you keep from pointing the finger at the defense and say you guys are not doing your job that is why were not being successful?

Dave Molk:  "It's obviously you cannot do that because once you start doing that it just rips the team apart.  We're a team for a reason.  We're not an offense and a defense, we're a team and when you point fingers at one side it just kills it.  There is a chemistry that we have as a team and we'll build on for years to come and if by doing that you just kill it and just rip it apart."

Question:  Do you remember anything specifically about the game last year that gives you a little bit more….

Dave Molk:  "I didn't play in it.  I was hurt.  They're a good defense.  They've got a strong D-line.  Martez Wilson is a good linebacker.  They're a solid defense, very solid defense, but I think we should do well against them."

Question:  What was it like for you to watch last year?

Dave Molk:  "I've answered this question 300,000 times to every media event that I've ever been to.  Obviously, it's not good.  I don't like sitting at home watching it with my leg up.  It is not ever fun, especially when I love this game and everything about this game.  I always want to be a part of it."

Question:  Do you feel like you guys are closer to clicking as a team?

Dave Molk:  "Yeah.  It is just a day by day thing.  It is coming.  It just needs to show."

Question:  How are the practices, long and boring or quick and intense?

Dave Molk:  "If you have a long and boring practice you're not doing too much.  Especially with Coach Rod and you know the way we run an offense, their always intense.  They're very intense practices and the way Coach Rod coaches and all of his assistant coaches coach, it is an intense practice and we usually get a lot done in a very short period of time."

Question:  You missed some of the Michigan State game with the ankle or the Iowa game?

Dave Molk:  "It was the Iowa game."

Question:  How much do you think it has hurt Mike (Martin) that he has had ankle problems the last two years and missed some time?

Dave Molk:  "The only thing that hurts him is obviously the physical injury.  It's hard coming off injuries, but it is something that you can just adapt too.  There is no player in the history of football that has ever been injury free for a whole season.  Everyone has got an issue and you just got to play through it.  He'll be fine."

Question:  I'm sure it is impossible to not hear all the talk about Coach Rod and job status and under fire and hot seat and every other adjective that you describe.  As a player, what sort of role do you take?  Do you say anything to him about that?

Dave Molk:  "Say anything to Coach Rod?"

Question:  Yeah, like coach we've got your back or anything like that.  How do you feel about that playing for a coach…

Dave Molk:  "He's his own man and he can handle himself.  He doesn't need one of his players to mediate him and make sure that he is calm.  I don't need to be a psychiatrist."

Question:  At the same time, how do you guys deal with it as players?  Are you sick and tired of hearing all the talk about hot seat?

Dave Molk:  "I could care less.  I don't think I've ever read or listened to a single media thing that you guys have put out.  I could care less.  It's my coach.  This is my team and I'll do anything for this team."

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