Interview with Stan Edwards (part 3)

In this part of the interview, Stan talks a little more about Braylon, Morgan Trent, and Tyrone Jordan.

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What is the most important component in developing speed?

It's not that simple. Running properly in one of the power races (100m, 200m) is like swinging a golf club. There are so many mechanical and fundamental things that have to be right. It takes all of the elements I described earlier to build speed. That must be combined with technique to run a good race, and very few people are able to do that.

Does Braylon still employ the techniques and training principles that you taught him, or is he fully immersed in the Michigan program of training?

I'm not familiar enough with Michigan's training program to know the differences between what I do and what they do. However, I do know that he's fully immersed in the Michigan program. But, when he comes home I have him training with Olympic sprinter Darnell Hall (1992 Gold Medalist in the 4x400m). For the most part, Braylon has very little time to train with me. When we talk, we mainly discuss the little detail things like making sure he's at his core strength area (entire abdomen and hip region) and support strength area. We also talk about flexibility. I stress that because the looser you are, the quicker you react from a stand still position to top speed. The more flexibility you have the better you are at recruiting your fast twitch muscle fibers.

It seems like Braylon is so much faster now than when we first heard about him prior to his senior year. I recall Ernest Shazor being faster than him at that time. What precipitated the change?

Ernest was faster than Braylon. He absolutely was. Let me explain to you what happened. When Braylon went to high school he was 5'8". When he left high school he was 6'2". He's now 6'3.5". So, he grew six inches in high school and another inch and a half since he's been in college. Charles Rogers was 6'3" by his sophomore year in high school. Ernie Shazor was 6'3" by his freshman year in high school. Randy Moss was probably about the same height early on in his high school career. Braylon has the same stature now that those guys have, but his growth spurt happened a lot later than theirs. Because of that, it took longer for his motor skills to catch up with his body.

Tell me about Morgan Trent as an athlete. How does he compare to Braylon?

He's silky smooth with power. He has a natural gate. You don't really have to teach Morgan form because he has naturally good mechanics. We had to teach Morgan about little things like force application and muscle recruitment. He didn't understand those things. But, he picked them up pretty quickly. He studies really well. He also listens reallt well. He's about 6'1.5" – 6'2" and is already faster than Braylon.

Tell me a little about Tyrone Jordan.

He just turned 17. He's about 5'10.5" 180lbs. His dad is 6'3" and his mom is 5'8", so he should have a growth spurt too. He plays receiver. He's also has really good speed.

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