Full Transcript: Postgame Tate Forcier

Tate talks about the wild game, and talks through the big plays of the fourth quarter.

Question: When you woke up today could you ever manager being in something like that?

Tate Forcier: "No that was the craziest game I've ever even witnessed let along being part of it. I'm happy for our guys. I'm real happy for our seniors. They needed that win just so we could get bowl eligible and I'm proud of our guys."

Question: What is it going to mean to you play in your first bowl game in a Michigan uniform?

Tate Forcier: "Oh man, I'm so happy for just myself to finally get that opportunity, but I still got two more years to still go to more bowl games. I'm more happy for our seniors. They've been fighting so hard. We won that game. Every game this year, even the ones we lost, we kept fighting to the end and we kept fighting to the end in this one and we came away with a W."

Question: Talk about the mental toughness it takes to have the mistake out there early when you dropped the ball and then come back from that?

Tate Forcier: "It didn't really bother me too much, the first mistake. My hands were in my hand warmers and my hands were moist when I went out there. I actually had a touchdown that's what actually made me mad. Things happen, you just got to face adversity and do what you got to do." <

Question: Who was open?

Tate Forcier: "Junior Hemingway behind the safety."

Question: How hard was that hit out of bounds in the third overtime?

Tate Forcier: "That hurt. It was alright, I think it hurt the guy that I hit more than it hit me though, but I'm alright. It's part of the game."

Question: Any sense of déjà vu at all, third overtime the first and goal at the two, so three plays to get in, from last year's game against them?

Tate Forcier: "Everything was happening so far I can't even explain. It was just such a blur. It was overtime, overtime, overtime. If I win this game, it is going to be over. We won. We can't be mad about it."

Question: It has got to be a kick to know that in 67-65 game that we're still checking records that you were that prominently involved in something so historic?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah. I heard Roy Roundtree had a record day. That's one of my best friends so I'm real happy for him. One of thing that I'm really happy about is that all of our guys got in the end zone today. So many guys got the ball and they all got to experience that feeling in the end zone. It's a great feeling."

Question: When did you figure out the Illinois defense as far as they were offering you anything today?

Tate Forcier: "Illinois has a good D-coordinator. Their defense likes to do a lot of things. We faced Iowa, Indiana that were more simple with what they do, but they are good at what they do. Illinois threw everything at us and our guys reacted very well to it."

Question: Did all those possessions help the offense?

Tate Forcier: "I think it does because you stay on the field. It is just like anything you keep playing and your going to stay in that rhythm."

Question: Did your heart stop for just a second when the play in the goal line hits off the Illinois guy?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah Junior (Hemingway) saved me on that one. He's been making great catches all year. It was nothing new to me."

Question: What does it say about this offense that you guys can finish minus four in turnovers margin and still gain 667 yards on offense?

Tate Forcier: "We're young. We've got a lot of young guys. Mistakes are going to happen, but I think that is the key to this team is that we've got to eliminate those mistakes to be a better team. We've got a few games left in the season to prove that."

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