Full Transcript: The Junior-n-Roy Show

Receivers Junior Hemingway and Roy Roundtree have the press in stitches talking about their big performances against the Illini.

Roy Roundtree

Question: Roy when you woke up this morning what did you think?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm hungry! (laughter). Yeah I woke up this morning and I said I was hungry and then we just had team breakfast and that's what I was thinking. We always have some great food at Campus Inn."

Question: Did you wake up this morning and think that you would have a good day like this?

Roy Roundtree: "No. I've been working hard all practice, but I didn't expect this today. Once the ball was thrown my way, I just had the opportunity to focus on the ball and catch it."

Question: Everybody says that this is not a wide receiver spread of the offense; have you kind of disproving that theory?

Roy Roundtree: "It's a wide receiver. We all got to get open. If you want the ball, you got to get open. That's what the coaches tell us. All the quarterbacks make their reads. Today, I guess they was making their reads pretty good."

Question: Did that first play from scrimmage kind of set the tone?

Roy Roundtree: "You know what I thought…I can say this, last year when I got hauled down, I just felt like I got the ball I gots to score. When I saw it wide open like that, I said ain't nobody going to catch me today. I just went to the end zone and scored."

Question: Are you aware that you pretty much obliterated the receiving yards records here of 40 or 50 years?

Roy Roundtree: "That's crazy. I just got to keep working. Today was a great day."

Question: Did you have any sense in that first half that you had hit 200 yards?

Roy Roundtree: "I really don't get into the stats or nothing like that. I just got to make sure that if we score, we got to score again that's our motto on the offense. I don't really listen to all the yards or nothing like that because I'm a team player and everybody got to eat and today we all had times with the ball."

Question: The first play was that scripted that way and could you tell before the play that you were going to be that wide open?

Roy Roundtree: "Well, Denard (Robinson) read the safeties. It was a safety read and when he saw him come down I was wide open."

Question: They were biting on the run right away is that what they were doing?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah but the thing was that it wasn't a run play."

Question: He started towards the line and he threw over the top.

Roy Roundtree: "Yes sir."

Question: Why was the passing game so much bigger than the running in that regard today? Were they doing something to take Denard away or what?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm not really sure how they were playing. The cover down that I was on, they was mostly blitzing all the time. It was just one-on-one with the safeties all day and Denard just had the time today to just get open and that's what I was doing. Coach Rod was giving me the calls and it was just my opportunity to get the ball."

Question: Did you detect anything about their defense getting frustrated? Where they mouthing off a little bit…I don't want to lead you on here, but it looked like things might have been getting that way only because you guys were doing to that defense what nobody had against them this year.

Roy Roundtree: "Like us, we a fast tempo offense, we back to the line, so we don't really get to hear what they talking about. We got to worry about getting the play or else. Just out there having fun today. Just got to thank all those guys out there."

Question: Did you guys show…you switched quarterbacks because of the injury that was a pretty good defense out there, do you think that this offense can move on anybody?

Roy Roundtree: "Oh yeah we can move on anybody. Any quarterback gets in that's how it is in practice. We rotate quarterbacks all week, so we used to all of them. It really wasn't hat big a deal. We play like we play, I don't think nobody can stop us."


Junior Hemingway

Question: Can you talk about the play where it bounced off the back of the guys helmet and you caught it?

Junior Hemingway: "He got in front. I wasn't expecting the ball to get batted in the air because he swung down, but it just popped in the air and I stayed with the ball and caught it."

Question: What was it like in that locker room?

Junior Hemingway: "Excitement, all over the place. Seeing smiles on all the players faces, all the coaches face, the staff, the trainers, everybody that stayed behind us; it was a real good feeling."

Question: Was there any sense of history to you guys today that started as the score mounted the way it did?

Junior Hemingway: "That's where the game was going. We really didn't realize it or pay any attention. We was just out there playing. In overtime, we knew we had to score so we was just playing."

Question: Have you ever been apart of anything close to that?

Junior Hemingway: "I would have to say I haven't. That was a first. That game was real exciting. That was one of my first game that I've been that close and that much tension and that much passion in the game. That was real cool."

Question: What did you think when Denard Robinson went out? Was there some nervousness there when Denard went out?

Junior Hemingway: "There wasn't any nervousness. It was more of a concern because it happened so quick, we didn't know what happened. Tate (Forcier) came and we got faith in our quarterback. Tate came in and held his own, kept his poise and throws in the end zone when we needed to."

Question: You said tension, how much tension really was there in the overtime?

Junior Hemingway: "Just more of a tension where we know we had to score…we got to score, no ifs, ands or butts. We got to get in the end zone."

Question: Talk about that last touchdown?

Junior Hemingway: "The two point conversion? I forget what the play was, but I came up, went inside and broke back out. Tate had me in sight and threw the ball and I just caught it."

Question: Did you juggle it?

Junior Hemingway: "Yeah I juggled (laughter). I knew I scored, so when I looked up, the ball kind of dropped and I quicly and grabbed it up again."

Question: You fell down was that relief?

Junior Hemingway: "A little bit of happiness. Yeah it was more of a relief, happiness, mostly just all kinds of emotions."

Question: When you talked to Denard was there anything that you could tell what happened to him?

Junior Hemingway: "I couldn't really tell. All the trainers and everybody was around him, so I really couldn't get to talk to him."

Question: How about being bowl eligible? Did you guys discuss that after the game.

Junior Hemingway: "We really didn't discuss it because we know that we got to keep going. Every win after this one is going to give us a better bid. We just got to keep going. We know we bowl eligible now, so we got to keep going, keep pushing."

Question: What did you think of Roy (Roundtree) today?

Junior Hemingway: "I was like dang, Roy can we get some (laughter). I told him just keep doing that. We going to keep running our routes. Outside receivers so we can pull the safeties out of there so you can be open all the time if that's the case. It's a team game. He had a good game, real good game."

Question: Was that something you guys saw on film during the week that you would be able to do that? Maybe not this much but have some success?

Junior Hemingway: "Yeah because we knew the safeties play a certain way, corners play a certain way. So when we ran certain plays we knew that that route was going to be open. Denard and Tate made their reads and put the ball on the money."

Question: Were you surprised that the defense brought so much pressure on that last play against Illinois?

Junior Hemingway: "I was surprised. I don't who it was on the edge, but the running back tried to block him and he just leaped over him and just came out of nowhere and then Jonas (Mouton) brought him down. I was like wow. I was stuck for a minute, but I was surprised by that call. It was a good call."

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