Arnett on UM: "They Throw the Ball"

Saginaw (MI) wideout DeAnthony Arnett took what may have been the final visit of his recruitment when he dropped by Michigan Saturday. The Wolverine passing attack certainly gave him an eyeful. The four-star pass catcher reflects on the experience with GoBlueWolverine. Is a decision on the horizon?

Sam Webb:  You showing up in Ann Arbor was kind of a surprise to a lot of people.  What made you make this visit when Michigan has been off your list for so long?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "We've always been in contact, me and Coach J, me and Coach Jackson and Coach Dews and Coach Rich Rodriguez.  So it was never me just putting them off my list because they were always on.  Simple fact, I wanted to see how they play on the field."

Sam Webb:  What did you think today?  Obviously, you saw Denard Robinson set a passing record in the first half and you saw Roy (Roundtree) setting a receiving record.  What did you think of how they did out there?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "67 points, you can't have no choice but to enjoy what they did (laughter).  They aired it out.  Right after the game, all the coaches came up to me and said, ‘Who said we don't pass the ball?'  It was cool."

Sam Webb:  Have you been paying close attention to how they've done this season because obviously they had a down week last week.  Did that make you hesitate in following through on the visit today?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "No I didn't hesitate at all.  I knew I was going to come back down here eventually.  Either it was this week or when they play Wisconsin.  I was always going to get back up to the Big House."

Sam Webb:  What are the coaches saying to you at this point?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "They said I can come in and compete right away.  They looking for somebody, of course they got Roundtree, they looking for somebody to complement him."

Sam Webb:  Now that you have been back down, just give me your overall assessment of the Wolverines and where they fit into your picture right now?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Michigan is a good school.  They've always been a great school.  They've always been there, right there.  Like I said, I always have been in contact with all the coaches.  So it was never me putting them out or anything like that.  Everybody else put it out there…Michigan is Michigan.  Home is home."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a different view of the Michigan offense now than you had at the beginning of the season?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "They throw the ball.  They throw the ball."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to take any more visits after this one?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "I don't know.  I'll know Monday for sure if I'm going to take any more visits."

Sam Webb:  I know you had planned to have a press conference to announce your decision.  Have you set a date for when you'll have it?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Monday... that's when I'll know everything and everything is official.  I'll know everything Monday." (More details on Arnett's announcement plans are below).

Sam Webb:  You sat with your mom the whole game.  Obviously, she has been on a few visits, what was she saying about Michigan and what was she saying…?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "She was yelling stuff all in my ear (laughter).  I can't talk to her while I was the game.  She does all the clapping and stuff.  I couldn't really talk to her.  She was jumping and down and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to spend any time with Devin (Gardner), I know that is your guy?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "No I didn't get a chance to speak with Devin, or talk to him, or chill or anything."

Question:  Did you get a chance to talk to any of the players?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "No I didn't."

Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Shoelace (Denard Robinson) and give me your thoughts on Devin as those guys as quarterbacks, I know that is a big part of your decision.

DeAnthony Arnett:  "It's Denard. Look at his stats that he has put up this year.  He's a great quarterback.  He's only a true sophomore and with Devin being a true freshman… they going to have their time.  They are going to be there and they can only develop and get better."

Sam Webb:  Talk about your senior season.  I know it didn't quite end the way you wanted it to, but just recap for me how you think everything went down for you?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "It went good.  I really improved my leadership skills with the season that we had and especially with having a young team, we're losing 27 seniors.  It was just my role to step up and try to make them better and I told them, they are going to be special next year.  It was just my role to guide them along."

Sam Webb:  All the work you put in during the summer and all the work you put in during the season, you're an Army All-American.  How does that feel man?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "It feels good.  It feels good.  That's the biggest honor you can get in high school playing in that game.  I'm just humbled by it, that's all."

Sam Webb:  I know you're a big part of the basketball squad as well.  Did it cause you to really pause and think maybe you didn't want to do it?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Yeah it caused me to pause… for real it did.  I was thinking, hey I'm the starting point guard for Saginaw High and we're the top team in the state every year, year in and year out.  I'm like.  I knew that if I wanted to get better and get prepared for college I had to make a decision to go ahead and play in the game."

GoBlueWolverine also caught up with Arnett's brother Ralph for more on the visit and to gain further insight into Michigan's standing and the youngster's decision making process.  Stay tuned for that feature later in the day.  In the meantime, Ralph provided further detail on when his younger sibling will have a press conference to announce his decision.

Ralph Arnett: He doesn't know when he is going to do it yet.  We'll know tomorrow for sure.  It'll probably be Wednesday or Thursday (of this week).  He is tired of it, so he is ready to get on down with it.  But we won't know until tomorrow for sure on when he is going to do it.  We're just pretty much waiting on the (Saginaw) AD and the superintendent to let us know…  Just give us the okay pretty much.  We are looking forward to it being Wednesday at 7:30 at night.  That's what we're looking for.  We'll know tomorrow.

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