Roundtree talks about his first college team

Did you know that Roy Roundtree was originally a Purdue commitent? Roy talks about this, and about his newfound speed and size. And - the #1 Jersey.

Question: When did you know you broke the record or was that something that you had even knew at all during the game?

Roy Roundtree: "I didn't know until after the game, when Dave pulled me to the side and said I had broken the single game record. It just shocked me. I know I was played good, but man when I found out what I had racked up, it just amazed me."

Question: Have you ever had a game like that before ever in your career?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah high school. I had one, a playoff game. It went into overtime and we won that and I think I had like 15 catches for 200 something. It ain't nothing like playing here and breaking the record."

Question: Do you have a pretty good idea of the guys that have played wide receiver here and does that make it mean even more?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I really didn't embrace until yesterday when I was talking to my cousin and he was just telling me, a lot of wide receivers came out of Michigan and you part of that roster right now. I didn't really think of it that way. I just think of it as a good that I just played good and I just got to play better on and on throughout my career."

Question: What does it say about your offense that you can turn over the ball five times but you can still come away with 67 points?

Roy Roundtree: "I don't know man, we explosive everywhere. We've got threats everywhere, at every position. Like I said earlier in the week, if we play like we play, I don't think nobody can stop us."

Question: What is the biggest difference between a Denard Robinson huddle and Tate Forcier huddle?

Roy Roundtree: "It's about the same. We a fast tempo offense, I don't really see a difference between them to other than Denard is faster but it just seems like they both be in to it when they out there. They the leaders of the offense, which ever quarterback comes into the game, they the leader of the offense at the time. We just give them the ball and they make their reads."

Question: You were talking to Denard on the sideline when he was taken out of the game. Was he complaining of dizziness or where you just kind of talking to him and keep him focused?

Roy Roundtree: "He just told us that we just got to keep going. He got knocked up and had to go to the sideline and didn't get to return back into the game. Just said stay focused and tell Tate to keep rolling and that's what happened."

Question: How important will it be for you to play at Purdue this week?

Roy Roundtree: "I try to play everybody like it's my last. I'm just going to get ready for Purdue this week. Boilmakers, so that's were we are this Saturday."

Question: Last year, you said that some of the players had some words for you and you had a really good game, do you expect them to talk to you again and risk having…?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah I think every team that we play throughout our season is going to talk smack to throw you off, but like Michigan we run a fast tempo offense. They can talk, but I'm worried about seeing my next play."

Question: Can you walk us through that whole process? Did you commit to Purdue?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah when I was a junior I had committed to Purdue, but I was also looking at other schools. I didn't really have that many offers. When Coach Rod was at West Virginia, I told him that I don't think I'm going to West Virginia, I just wasn't making the trip. Once he came over here, he said are you interested and I said yeah, I'm very interested in Michigan. Once I took my visit, it just amazed me and I had a great time up here and then to see Brandon Moore, he already committed here. I told him that I'm about to come to Michigan with him, he thought I was joking, but at the end of the day he found out that I was right. I think I made the right choice."

Question: How much did you weigh when you got here?

Roy Roundtree: "Probably 152-155."

Question: What are you at now?

Roy Roundtree: "Like 178."

Question: What was it like playing at 155 pounds?

Roy Roundtree: "Playing redshirt year, I was out there playing mostly on scout team, so I was going against bigger guys. I was like man they are killing me. I also learned redshirt freshman year learned all my assignments and getting used to everything and once I started lifting weights, they was just like that's going to be your best friend throughout life if you want to play football. I made it my best friend."

Question: What weight do you want to play at?

Roy Roundtree: "Probably like 190, 185. I'll get there, so I ain't rushing."

Question: Where'd you come up with the speed you showed off on that first touchdown?

Roy Roundtree: "I ain't worried. We got Mike Barwis, he always works on the speed work. He can just tune me up and I'll just get bigger. Like (Daryl) Stonum and Junior (Hemingway), those boys big, but they still fast too."

Question: How do you avoid distractions and just focus on school and football?

Roy Roundtree: "Staying focused that's a hard question. I just try to block out everything. Once I'm tuned in and stuff like study table, I know I got to do my work and then after that I can interact with other people. I mostly just talk to my family and my inner circle."

Question: Do you think your faster last year than this year? The reason he asked is because you smoked Illinois a few days ago, maybe a year ago maybe it wasn't the same thing.

Roy Roundtree: "Like I said, I really embrace my offseason to get faster and I think I am faster. I'm willing to get faster."

Question: What is it like to have Junior Hemingway kind of emerge the last couple of weeks and play as well as he has?

Roy Roundtree: "Junior is a great football player. If you all get to know Junior, he'll shock you. He's kind of shy, but if you get outside his shyness it is a different Junior man. All of us receiver corp, we just try to be the best when we out there. If something wrong, we just try to pick somebody up, but Junior, he is a great player."

Question: You said teams always talk to you guys on the film. Has been anything that has really stuck with you this year?

Roy Roundtree: "I hear it, but like I said I don't really listen to what they talk about."

Question: Do you give any thought to wearing the #1 jersey or what that would mean?

Roy Roundtree: "I still got to work for it. Every wide receiver that played at Michigan had to earn it. I feel like I got to keep working for it to earn it and when it is time, it is time."

Question: But you do want it?

Roy Roundtree: "Oh yeah, I want it."

Question: What do you do on the last play and the defense sealed the win and do smaller guys try to avoid being on the bottom of those pileups?

Roy Roundtree: "I was at the opposite end. I was just on a knee and praying. Once I seen I think Jonas (Mouton) jump of his offensive lineman and I was like wow. When he tackled him, I just ran onto the field, it was crazy"

Question: Wouldn't this be a good week to go ask for that #1 jersey if you want it?

Roy Roundtree: "I don't want to ask for it. I want them to give it to me so I'll just keep working."

Question: Is that a goal coming here?

Roy Roundtree: "My goal is to keep getting these wins."

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