Crockett has Positive Michigan Experience

Washington DC Friendship Collegiate Academy back made his way to Ann Arbor for an official visit last weekend. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Cincinnati commitment's coach to get the latest on where Michigan stands in the youngster's recruitment, his remaining visit schedule, and much more. Also included is word on a few underclassmen that the Wolverines are already showing interest in.

Malcolm Crockett Profile

Sam Webb:  Talk to me about Malcolm (Crockett) as a player.  What does he bring to the table?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "He's a real good player… a rugged type of runner… the attributes that you ask for… determination.   He can hit the homerun.  I think his best days are in front of him."

Sam Webb:  Do you know what his stats are off the top of your head are?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "I would say he is close to 1000 yards.  He missed three or four games this year because of ankle injuries, wasn't healthy.  We were fortunate enough to have a couple of other backs that could pretty much get the job done.  I know he has about 15 touchdowns.  He was close to 1000 yards. I would say about 900 yards."

Sam Webb:  I see that he is also listed as a defensive back.  Is that something that you see him possibly being able to do in college as well?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "I think he could do it, but I don't think he wants to do it.  He wants to be a running back.  He's good enough to play running back in college.  We've got another kid, a junior that is just kind of getting recruited the same way.  He's a running back/DB and his recruiting is booming because he doesn't care what he'll play, but Malcolm is kind of set on running back.  But he would be a special test defensive back because he can hit, he can play in space, and he's got a good back pedal.  I just don't think he wants to play that.  His heart is in the backfield."

Sam Webb:  How big is Malcolm?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "He's about 5'11" and about 186 or 187."

Sam Webb:  You've already talked about all the things that he does well.  What are the things that you tell him he needs to work on?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "We always talk about how his lateral movement could be better, and his quickness.  I wouldn't say that is a negative.  It is more of his type of back.  He's a straight-line, downhill-running type of back.  So we work more on his vision with his own scheme.  I would say a lot of times that he presses because his determination kind of works against him a little bit in the zone blocking scheme, where you've got to close out and wait for things to develop.   Sometimes, he just wants to hit it.  So it is a gift and a curse."

Sam Webb:  He is committed to Cincinnati, and is looking Michigan.  Does that have anything to do with the style of play? Do those two teams run similar offenses to the one that you run?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "Last year, (when Crockett was) a junior (they ran some spread). We ran more of a pro-style offense in his senior year.  We are more power, a little bit of draws, which is kind of good for him when he gets it.  He can kind of develop himself into any kind of offense.  Both Cincinnati and Michigan are spread teams, but I think they are different type of spread offenses.  Cincinnati throws a little more than Michigan does.  Michigan incorporates their quarterbacks in their running backs a bit more."

Sam Webb:  Where does Michigan fit in this equation?  Like I said, he is committed to Cincinnati.  How did Michigan get back in with him?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "It was nothing that Cincinnati was doing wrong, but he always was going to take his visits and really do a compare and contrast schools anyways.  He's always been interested in Michigan.  He's going to go to Cincinnati November 20th and stay with his commitment or if he feels like he wants to make a move, I support him either way."

Sam Webb:  What did he tell you about how the visit to Ann Arbor went? 

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "It was all positive.  It wasn't anything negative.  He really doesn't feel like anything that stuck out and he was just extra excited about.  He really liked the atmosphere and his interactions with the coaches.  He really enjoyed the facilities.  I think it was one of his first college football games.  So a real good atmosphere and the more he learns about the academics, how prestigious a Michigan is… he is a business major and he is also into engineering and they have a pretty good engineering department, so he likes that as well."

Sam Webb:  What kind of vibe do you guys have with the recruiter down there, Tony Dews?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "We like Tony Dews a lot.  We hit it off pretty good.  He's a very down to earth kind of coach.  We were able to spend a little time with him.  All positives with Tony.  He does a good job."

Sam Webb:  You said that he is going to visit Cincinnati on November 20th… is he going to visit any other schools after that?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "Not at the moment.  Those are the two that he is seriously considering."

Sam Webb:  When he gets ready to sit down and make his decision either way, what do you think are going to be the factors?  What is it going to come down to?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "You know what that's a good question.  It is really going to come down to where he feels comfortable.  He is committed to Cincinnati, but he committed without even going there… so he has never been.  So the Cincinnati visit is going to be very important.  At the end of the day, I'm here for him.  It really doesn't make a difference to me which one he chooses.  It is more of how he feels about it and how we feel about it after he done.  I think it is a wrong idea for kids, pick schools off relationships with coaches because coaches come and go.  It is about majors, academic setting, and facilities… what you feel comfortable with."

Sam Webb:  Tell me about another of your players… junior defensive lineman, Eddie Goldman.  Sounds like he is a big timer.  I read that he has 35 offers?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "He could have more than that and I don't even know.  The only school that I haven't got an offer from is Ohio State and Texas.  Everybody else, if they haven't offered, he is going to be offered, but I guess they haven't reached out yet.  He's the real.  He's a can't miss prospect.  He's a great kid…a really humble kid that is perfect for this type of situation because he is not a kid that is going to be engulfed in all the stuff.  No offense to you guys but some kids can't wait to get an article and check it every day and want to give you an update every week of where they've gone and he's not like that at all.  He's a good kid.  He just started playing football like the eighth grade and never really watched football.  This is an all new process for him.  His GPA is about 2.8.  He's 6'4" about 307... something like that.  He's a real good looking kid as far as his physique.  I can envision him being in the NFL."

Sam Webb:  I know there is a long way to go for him in recruiting.  What is he looking for?  Are there schools that he is sort of looking at right now that he said, yeah I kind of want to check these schools out or has he not done that?

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim:  "He's been to Miami.  That's all we've been.  We've been to North Carolina and out to Maryland and UVA.  He's wide open.  The only thing he really expresses is that he wants to be a part of an elite program.  So we're going to start from there.  There could be a couple of different things... conference, it could be if you're winning, or if you're a national championship.  At the end of the day he has no clue.  We are going to visit as many schools as possible so he can make a sound choice.  You talk to him any day and it is something else.  It is whoever he is talking on the phone with, he feels that is going to be part of his top 20.  I think we're going to whittle it down to ten schools by May or June."

 "I have some other young guys in addition to him that Michigan will be recruiting as well.  Albert Reid is another running back from next year.  He got his first offer from Duke.  He's a running back/DB, but they are recruiting him as well. He's 5'10", about 188.  He's a little bigger than Malcolm but shorter.  He is being recruited by pretty much everybody.  Alabama is recruiting him also.  Louis Young.   He's a sophomore DT.  "6'1", 265."

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