U-M 27, PU 16. 2nd Half Drives, Stats

There were 5 more turnovers in the 2nd half, but a late touchdown sealed the win for the Wolverines.

Michigan #1

Jeremy Gallon took the kickoff to the U-M 17.

Denard Robinson had a pass deflected, then hit Roy Roundtree for 4, then hit Daryl Stonum just short of the 1st down.

Purdue #1

Will Hagerup punted it, Purdue Fumbled the return, and U-M recovered on the PU 32.

Michigan #2

On the 1st play Kelvin Grady took an end-around 13 to the PU 19.

Vincent Smith took the next play for the score at the 13:37 mark. U-M missed the PAT.

Michigan 20, Purdue 13

Purdue #2

PU took the bouncing kickoff to the PU 34.

(Rob Henry at QB)

On 3rd down Ryan VanBergan had a -2 TFL at the 12:08 mark.

Michigan #3

The punt tricked into the end zone, U-M 20.

On 2nd down Denard had to fall on the ball, -9. On 3rd and 19 Denard threw an interception that was returned back to the U-M 24 at the 10:53 mark.

Purdue #3

(Robinson in) A hold on 1st down took it back to the PU 32, then PU passed for 9, then threw 2 incompletions, then PU kicked a 40 yard field goal at the 9:39 mark.

Michigan 20, Purdue 16

Michigan #4

Gallon took the kickoff to the U-M 18.

(Tate Forcier in) Smith ran 1, then Tate ran 6, then overthrew Smith.

Purdue #4

Hagerup punted it 43 to the PU 36 at the :16 mark.

(Henry in) Henry ran 12 to the U-M 48.

On 3rd and 2, PU overthrew the receiver at the 6:57 mark.

Michigan #5

Gallon took the punt at the U-M 10, Gallon penalty to the 5.

(Denard back in) Denard ran 8, then Smith ran to the U-M 19.

Denard ran 8, then ran again to the 36.

On the next play Smith ran to the PU 45.

Denard ran 9, then for 0, then to the PU 32.

Smith ran 2, then for -2 a flag (clip) took it back to the PU 45, then on 2nd and 23 Denard threw deep to Stonum incomplete, then Denard fumbled at the PU 46 at the 2:36 mark.

Purdue #5

PU ran 2, then had a -2 TFL, then threw an interception to James ROgers, returned to the PU 41 at the :15 mark.

Michigan #6

(Forcier in) Hopkins ran 2, then Tate hit J.R. Hemingway at the PU 21.

Tate kept for a -4 TFL.

Third Quarter Only Stats
U-M gained 104 yards, 95 rushing and 9 passing, had an int and a fumble, and scored 7.
PU gained 37 yards, 26 rushing and 11 passing, had an int and a fumble, and scored 3.


(U-M #6 cont). On 2nd down Tate over threw Hemingway in the end zone, then another. On 4th down Seth Broekhuizen badly missed a field goal.

Purdue #6

On 2nd down PU passed to the U-M 38. PU ran 3, then threw an incompletion, then were stopped short at the 12:54 mark.

Michigan #7

A short punt bounced out of bounds at the U-M 23.

(Denard back in) Smith ran for no gain, then Denard ran it 3, then Denard was sacked at the 11:28 mark.

Purdue #6

A 72 yard Hagerup punt rolled to the PU 3.

On 1st down PU had a pass-run 39 yards to the PU 42.

On the next play PU fumbled and Cam Gordon recovered at the PU 36 at the 10:17 mark.

Michigan #7

(Tate in) Tate scrambled 4, then Hopkins ran -2, then on 3rd and 8 Tate fumbled but Hopkins recovered at the PU 39. On 4th down Tate pooched it into the end zone at the 8:17 mark.

Purdue #7

(Henry at QB) Pu went 3 and out at the 6:27 mark.

Michigan #8

The punt bounced to the PU 49.

(Denard in) Smith ran 2, then for 2, then hit Koger over the middle to the PU 21.

Denard ran 2, then Smith ran -1, then on 3rd and 8 Denard ran to the PU 8.

Smith ran to the 6, then Denard ran to the 21/2, then Hopkins ran it in at the 1:58 mark.

Michigan 27, Purdue 16.

Purdue #8

PU took the kickoff to the PU 32.

(Robinson in) PU completed a pass to the PU 43.

PU completed a 4th down pass to the U-M 45.

PU completed a 4th down pass to the U-M 33.

There the clock ran out.

U-M gained 395 yards, 202 rushing and 193 passing, and had 2 ints and 3 fumbles.
PU gained 244 yards, 131 rushing and 113 passing, and had 2 fumbles.
Denard ran for 68 yards (and lost 2 fumbles) and was 13-21 passing for 176 yards, a TD and 2 ints.
Smith had 18 carries for 99 yards and a TD.
Roundtree had 6 catches for 69 yards and a TD.

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