Postgame Commentary: Demens, Roundtree & More

Full Transcript: James Rogers, Kenny Demens, Jordan Kovacs and Roy Roundtree talk about the Defensive effort.

James Rogers

James Rogers: "That's what we are playing for now. We don't care about mistakes any more. We just go out and play and have fun. We just look at it to out here and have fun. That's what we do now."

Question: Can you take me through both your picks?

James Rogers: "Both of them just kind of gave me. The first one was just trying to play the game. I didn't think about batting it down. I was thinking about catching the ball. You don't get that chance many times so I just took off a little bit. The second one, I think they expected us to be in cover three, I sat down…honestly I do not even think he saw me there. Because he threw it right too me."

Question: Do you guys feel that as a defense you guys needed a game like this?

James Rogers: "We need out confidence to get back and rolling and stuff and this is the perfect game, especially going into Wisconsin and Ohio State."

Question: You've had such an interesting career, to have this type of game and have two interceptions did you ever think that would come?

James Rogers: "Naw. A lot of stuff that I didn't think would happen. I didn't think Troy (Woolfolk) was going to go down so quickly and I didn't think I was going to get my chance right away. I'm a Michigan man and I love this University and I would do it for the team any time. So whenever they need me to do something I'm willing to do it. So that is all I think of when I go out and play."

Question: Can you talk about how rewarding it was to see the defense get that first score?

James Rogers: "It kind of sparked us as a defense. That's something that we need to feed off of that enthusiasm. So once Cam (Gordon) got that touchdown, I mean it was good for our defense. It gave us a lot of energy."

Question: What does a game like this where you don't give up any touchdowns, do for the confidence of this defense going into next week?

James Rogers: "Exactly what we need. We struggled a little bit at the beginning of the year, so something like this is perfect, especially heading into these last couple of games of the year. I think this is the perfect game to lead us into Wisconsin and Ohio State."

Question: There has been a lot of changes made the last couple of weeks, moving (Craig) Roh and some moves at linebacker. Do you feel like the defense is really starting to gel and that's what we are seeing out there?

James Rogers: "Yeah I think that's all we needed, just a couple of little changes here and there to tweak our defense up. I think it is working out perfect for the best of our defense."

Question: Can it get better?

James Rogers: "Oh yeah and it wil."

Question: What can do you to make it better?

James Rogers: "Right now all I can say is that we keep going out and preparing ourselves the right way and keep having fun that's all we can do right now."


Kenny Demens

Question: Talk a little bit about the defense's play today and how good it feels to get the win?

Kenny Demens: "More important today I feel that on third down we won. All season long we struggled with winning on third down. We played with a little swag today and we just got home."

Question: Do you like playing in conditions like this on defense?

Kenny Demens: "Oh my god I love it. We all love it. You got to go out and just get dirty and play hard and come downhill. It is really fun."

Question: What does it do for you when you get a defensive touchdown early in terms of emotion for the defense?

Kenny Demens: "It changes the game, not just for the defense, but the offense also. Just going out there a second time, we feel like we can get some work. We got some turnovers today. So that was a plus."

Question: After the offense has won a lot of games this season is it nice to look back at this game and say we really came out and we won it?

Kenny Demens: "You know what, it is and in the locker room after the game, the offense was just patting us on the back. They was just thanking us. We down in a slump and the offense picked us up throughout the whole season and it is about time that we can get up for them to get a win."

Question: Talk about how Mark Moundros played next to you out there?

Kenny Demens: "He played really well. With (Jonas) Mouton being out, everybody thought it was just a big downfall for us, but it wasn't. Mark Moundros, he really focused this week. He was in his playbook real tough, film room and we just communicated out there. He did a really good job."

Question: What was the footing out there as far as trying to get planted?

Kenny Demens: "For the most part I don't think it was too, too bad.

Question: Two shootouts losses to Purdue the last two years, I this a little more like how you want the game to go?

Kenny Demens: "Yeah it is. It is payback. Let us go out there and get it and get to seven wins up under our belt and let us just beat Purdue. Last year, they got us at home and the year before that at their place on the last play of the game. It does feel good to come out and get a win."

Question: When did you know that Jonas and Mike (Martin) were not going to be able to play?

Kenny Demens: "It was a game time decision, but throughout the week, Mark Moundros he was playing with the ones and the same for Mike Martin. Those guys were fighting and trying but it was a game time decision and they looked real good in practice, so it wasn't too much of a big deal."

Question: Are you able to appreciate what Ryan Kerrigan does for Purdue? He like a machine and he caused a lot of fits for the offense.

Kenny Demens: "Yeah he is. It is great. I recognize a good game and he has a real good game. He went out there and did his thing. He is just a great player. A lot of credit goes out to him on defense."

Question: What does a game like this do for the defenses confidence going forward?

Kenny Demens: "It really brings it up. It shows not just us but the country that we can really go out there and compete. Next week, hopefully we can go out against Wisconsin and play an outstanding game."

Question: You guys have made a lot of changes on the defense in the last couple of weeks, moving guys position, like Obi (Ezeh) playing outside. Did it take a while for just all of that settle in and you guys get comfortable with all the changes?

Kenny Demens: "It didn't take too long of a time. We just tried new things and the coaches really felt like that maximizes are strengths and it would be better for the defense. That's what we did and I feel like a lot of guys got comfortable really quick."


Jordan Kovacs

Jordan Kovacs: "I thought we executed well and we played well."

Question: Do you like playing in that kind of thing?

Jordan Kovacs: "Yeah. I enjoy it, but I'm not sure the offensive guys would say the same."

Question: How much of a look would it give you guys right off bat to get a touchdown from the D?

Jordan Kovacs: "It was a big play for us. Any time that the defense can score you got pretty good odds of winning the game but then they countered it with one of their own, so we just knew that was going to be a battle today and it was."

Question: Can you gauge at all how Mark Moundros played out there?

Jordan Kovacs: "He played very well. I'll have to see the film, but for the most part I felt like he did a very good job out there."

Question: When you guys new that you were going to be without Jonas Mouton and Mike Martin, obviously that changes a lot of things. Were there things that you had to adjust accordingly?

Jordan Kovacs: "We just the guys in and let them play. We really didn't have to change our defensive play calling at all. We've got good backups and the next guy stepped in and played well."

Question: Another game with a lot of turnovers on offense, are you guys getting more used to having to react in those situations?

Jordan Kovacs: "Yeah. The last couple of weeks has been…we've had to go out in tough situations and today we responded pretty well."


Roy Roundtree

Roy Roundtree: "It was crazy. We did not go out and play our best today but we got to give our hats off to our defense because they played great today."

Question: Was the weather the problem out there?

Roy Roundtree: "The weather did play a factor in our play today, but we've got to pick it up. Each series we saw the defense getting interceptions and fumbles and we just got to stay focused and go execute. We didn't do that today and the defense held on and had turnovers today."

Question: Denard (Robinson) kind of bought time on your touchdown catch, did you adjust your route or anything?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. It was a read route. Once I got open, he finally saw me coming across and he threw me the ball."

Question: Do you feel like you and Denard kind of got a little rapport a little bit better later in the season? Obviously, he is throwing to you a lot more or are you just getting more opened?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm just running my route and seeing what the weaknesses on the defensive side and just trying to get open so the quarterback can see me and that's what he is doing."

Question: You got your first win against Purdue, how does that feel?

Roy Roundtree: "It feels great. To walk out here and see our team smiling and see the hard work that we put in and finally beat these guys. It was a great team win today."

Question: Any hard feelings out there with the fans? Did you hear any barks or anything?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah I heard a lot, traitor all that. Like I said, I don't speak none to them. I just go out there and try to play my hardest."

Question: Do you wish that you had done things differently, going to Michigan and wearing the Purdue tie and all that, a lot has been made of that. A lot has been made of that, but obviously you can change your mind, but they kind of feel slighted.

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah I know they probably disappointed that I left them and came here. I think I made a great decision. It was my choice to spend five years at the great University of Michigan."

Question: Have you ever played in a game like this, where it was this sloppy?

Roy Roundtree: "Naw this is the first time. It really wasn't cold, it was just weather. Every time me, (Daryl) Stonum and Junior (Hemingway), like it is going to rain every time we get the ball isn't it. We had to take off our visors to really stay focused, so we won't mess up."

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