Carlton Brundidge says "I am all in"

Today at 11 am, Carlton "CB" Brundidge will announce his final decision to play for The University of Michigan. Carlton talked with us about the rumors that have popped up, and about and his commitment to play for he Wolverines.

On September 21, 2009 Carlton Brundidge called John Beilein and then-assistants Michael Jackson and John Mahoney at 6 in the morning to let them know he was coming to Michigan. With saying he was going to Michigan came with some criticism -- but he stayed focused.

"When I committed early I was very happy with it. Then the rumors started, and none of them were true, that I was decommitting. I was always representing Michigan with the gear I was wearing or just letting people know I am a Wolverine. It just really irritated me that those rumors were out there; I went on Facebook just to tell people the truth -- that I am going to Michigan."

Some people begin to get nervous when Mike Jackson, Brundidge's main recruiter, left and went to Purdue to coach. So, GBW asked him, did you waiver with your decision at that point?

"No! My sister was all over me about why I choose Michigan, about what the school meant to me, about the education that I would receive. She told me it was not just about basketball. My sister and my parents were all over me about Michigan's education. It is close to home. I have friends and family there. I was not leaving even after Coach Jackson left because I know why I wanted to come here in the first place. So I never changed my decision."

Michigan began to catch his eye after they showed him that they could play with the big boys.

"After they beat Duke a few years ago, that is when it clicked for me. Then after a loss I noticed how all the guys still stayed together. They were like a family even when times were tough. That is what I really paid attention to with the program."

At the time some pundits and some fans didn't think Beilein had a shot at a player of Carlton's caliber. But those who doubted didn't know Carlton -- Brundidge gave Beilein a chance to get to him and it blossomed from there.

"When I went to visit, me and Coach Beilein started interacting and I began to feel comfortable with him. I felt like, wow this is a cool guy. Now I call him more. I will call just to chat with him to see how he is doing. He wants me to stay on top of my grades, and he talks to me about my game -- working on my mid-range game, floaters and being more vocal on the court."

With Carlton wanting to come to Michigan, it is quite apparent that The Wolverines wanted him just as bad. In CB they are getting a player that is 'toughness at the guard spot', which is something that this team and its program sorely needs. He can go get his own shot, he is tough on the glass, he can shoot from deep, and he is a hand-full at stopping from scoring at the rack. He understands as well what he brings and what he wants to accomplish while at Michigan.

"Toughness, a lot of heart, and leadership is what I am bringing with me. I have a feel for the game. I am coming to learn the game. I want to take in everything I can to become a better player. I am here because I want to turn the program around and put it back where it belongs -- on top."

Michigan's top incoming recruit also wants better players to be a part of the program, so he has become a bit of a recruiter.

"I really like Trey Burke we have played against each other for the past few years and he is my type of guy -- he reminds me of me. He is not arrogant, not selfish, he wants to work hard, he has great parents -- his family reminds me of my family. He has a solid game: he can score, Trey is really crafty -- he has this really nice hesitation move. I'm looking forward to playing with Trey Burke."

With a shoutout to Michigan's football Coach Rich Rodriguez, Brundidge is letting everyone know on the basketball side that he is "All in for Michigan." If you don't believe me, just ask him -- trust me he will be more than happy to let you know he is a Michigan Wolverine.

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