Full Transcript: Adam Patterson, James Rogers

Two seniors who are making their first major contributions this year, Patterson and Rogers look back, and ahead to the last 2 weeks.

Adam Patterson

Question: What was it like for you on Saturday getting your first start and going into this week how do you guys have transition to get ready for Wisconsin?

Adam Patterson: "Well it was pretty big for me, my very first start. I was kind of nervous, but I knew that my team was really depending on me so I really wanted to make sure that I showed up and gave it my all and try to have a great performance out there."

Question: Can you talk about getting ready for Wisconsin this week, a much different look than what you saw a week ago.

Adam Patterson: "I can expect the practices to be a lot more intense and I expect the players to be a lot more focused especially since being a senior and being this is the last game that I really expect us to come in there hard and try and win for the seniors and try to play for something better and try to become better as a team."

Question: When did you find out you were going to start?

Adam Patterson: "That's kind of funny. I actually found out like within minutes of the game. It was pretty thrilling for me. You can imagine how that must feel for me. Coach coming up to me and saying, yeah you are going to start just relax and be ready. That was pretty funny, I thought."

Question: Where you actually relaxed then?

Adam Patterson: "Yeah it was kind of hard to relax."

Question: Coach talked about how the seniors have been through so much the last couple of years. What has the experience been like for you and the rest of the seniors playing?

Adam Patterson: "For me it has been a whole totally different experience. Coming in, I was brought in by Lloyd Carr, with the new staff coming in, it has been a very different experience, but I feel like it has been an experience that has really prepared me for my future and life because life is always going to have its ups and downs, by this happening it really prepared me."

Question: How is it different than when you came in with Coach Carr?

Adam Patterson: "Different coaching style, different approach towards the game and towards practices, a lot more intense, a lot more in your face. It was just a whole different approach."

Question: Was there any point in your career that you wondered if you'd get your chance?

Adam Patterson: "Definitely. It has always been point if I was every going to get my shot and what would it be like if I ever did have the time to actually prove what I could do. Yeah I've always had that thought in my head, like what would happen if I ever did get chance to actually go out there and perform."

Question: What is it that made you stick it out?

Adam Patterson: "Just the drive, the motivation to want to get out there and to want to prove something, prove that I can actually perform. Also, the influence from my parents and my family just telling me to keep on driving and keep on showing what you can do."

Question: How do you think you played?

Adam Patterson: "I feel like I played pretty well. I really do. I feel like this is one of my best games that I've had by far."

Question: What was going on with the hand signal with Cam when you were escorting him?

Adam Patterson: "Yeah I kept trying to tell him to keep going, keep going, keep going because I was looking at him and his eyes were that big (laughter) and he just looked like he was worried, so I was just trying to motivate him. Just trying to say keep going, keep going, you're doing good."

Question: You're a lineman and you were out of ahead of him.

Adam Patterson: "Yeah it was kind of funny. We were joking to him about it after the game and everything because he's a DB and I'm a lineman and he was like, well you should have been blocking. I was like I'm checking on you."

Question: How much pressure is there to fill in for a guy like (Mike) Martin who has been such a key guy for this defense.

Adam Patterson: "Oh yeah, it is a lot of pressure. Coming from Mike Martin because he is such a great athlete, it is kind of hard to be able to whenever he goes down to be able to step up and step in there. I feel like it was something that I really had to do since it is my last year and I know that everybody is really counting on me and even Mike, he was coming up me and asking me how I was doing and he was really trying to motivate me to get out there."

Question: Talk about the Wisconsin offensive line.

Adam Patterson: "Wisconsin always has a big offensive line and they always have a good offensive line. Thinking about Wisconsin this week, you come in respecting a team, but you also come in trying to prove something to the team that you can compete with them because I've been here for about five years and they've always had a big team. So this game has always been like a very physical game. You also come in with the mindset that this is going to be a very physical game and it could come down to the wire."

Question: What about them throwing up 83 on Indiana.

Adam Patterson: "That was pretty impressive to say by far. It really comes to the defense to what we can do this week. I feel like it brings a little pressure on the defense because honestly we don't want that to happen to us. It puts a lot of pressure on us and really I feel like it is going to motivate us to want to go out there this week and want to get better in practice."

Question: How does it feel when Coach Rodriguez is still looking for swagger? He has talked to you guys about it – have you picked up something the last two games?

Adam Patterson: "Definitely. I really feel like the swagger is getting there. I really feel like very game we play is a stepping stone and we're just keeping getting better and I feel like we're not really were we want to be yet, but every game is a stepping stone and I really feel like this past game was very good for us defensively and it really showed a lot about us what we can do if we play together and if we trust in each other and if we go out there and play with a good swagger."

Question: Could feel a lot of difference in the attitude?

Adam Patterson: "Definitely, a lot of people feel more relaxed, people are joking around out there, having fun, celebrating. Always patting each other, even when somebody is going wrong, they're encouraging, they are saying don't worry about it, just keep going out there, you'll get it next time. You really feel that now."

Question: How motivated are you guys to close the season with a couple of wins that people outside your building probably don't think you are going to get and improve your bowl status from pretty good to really good?

Adam Patterson: "Very motivated because like we said. We've been here, so the motivation is always there. Like to go out there and to win these next two games is very motivating, because my understanding the more wins, the better the bowl. Our motivation is high to go out here and to try and show something and try to get two wins."

Question: Are you going to do anything special in your last home game?

Adam Patterson: "I haven't quite thought about it yet, but with me who knows, probably."


James Rogers

Question: How much more confident do you think the defense has to take on a challenge like this that on paper does not look like a close matchup frankly?

James Rogers: "It is a good way to start going into the game I think. The defense lately, our swagger and everything about defense has got a lot better and I think this is perfect going into the Wisconsin game."

Question: Perfect in what sense? They just scored 83 points.

James Rogers: "Yeah, we don't think about that all. We jus going to go out and have fun like we've been doing. I guarantee they not going to score 83 points on us."

Question: You talk about the defensive swagger, what about it is different going into this weekend compared to the weekends in the past?

James Rogers: "You talking about this upcoming weekend or last weekend? It started against Illinois. We just had a different mentality about ourselves. We just go out there and do not think about mistakes at all and just play to have fun. We took that into the Purdue game as well and it worked out good for us."

Question: This is running through the last time this weekend; what does that mean to you?

James Rogers: "I'm going to miss it. I'm going to enjoy it. I love this university and I love this team. It is one of the greatest feelings that I've ever had. So I'm going to miss it."

Question: Did you do anything special for this game or maybe this week knowing that it was going to be the last time?

James Rogers: "No not really. Just go out there and play and have fun. Just hope they throw the ball my way a little more. I haven't really been seeing a lot of action lately. I'm just hoping that I can go out with a big bang, so hopefully they throw the ball my way."

Question: Isn't that a good thing that they not throwing the ball at you?

James Rogers: "Not really. Statistically, I'd like my stats to be a little better, so I hope they come my way as much as possible."

Question: You just had two interceptions.

James Rogers: "Yeah finally (laughter)."

Question: Can you talk about Wisconsin's offensive line.

James Rogers: "They a powerful team. Honestly, from watching the game from what I saw, I felt that Indiana just backed a little bit towards the ends and I guarantee that is something that we'll never do. We'll fight all the way to the finish even if we are down by a lot. That's kind of where I felt that game got out of hand at."

Question: How have you seen Courtney Avery grow the last couple of games since JT (Floyd) went down?

James Rogers: "Oh yeah. I've seen Courtney grow a lot even when JT was there. He came in on our nickel package and the kid has just been getting better and better week in and week out. Courtney is going to be a great player in the future."

Question: Can you talk about some of the other younger players like Ray Vinopal and some of those other guys?

James Rogers: "Yeah Ray Vinopal stepped up big too this year. He came into an awkward position as well and earned a starting role. I think he has responded well. Even Terrence Talbott and Cullen Christian as freshman, I think all four of them are doing a really good job this year so far."

Question: How big would it be for your defense with you being a senior to go off the last two games?

James Rogers: "We need this Ohio State win bigger than anything. That's something that we've been waiting on and I guarantee that is where our focus is going to be at real soon. We are going to take on Wisconsin first and prepare for that game. All we can do is take it one day at a time and get ready for each game, but we're going to be ready to play."

Question: Do you ever put your hands on receiver to bump them ever in the first five yards?

James Rogers: "Man-to-man coverage I do. We haven't played it a lot lately, but man-to-man coverage, I would love to get up there and get physical with somebody."

Question: Talk about how or if it has felt like you have had two totally different experiences with Lloyd Carr and his staff and how he operated things and Rich Rodriguez and his staff and maybe how it has been different.

James Rogers: "I can just say conditioning wise. Mike Barwis is the biggest different outcome that I can see in there. Other than that, not too much difference, still college, still football, still classes, still all the same to me really. Only thing I can say that has been a very big difference is the whole workout routine."

Question: Rich was talking about a small senior class and how some guys have done away, fell away and no longer with the program. You stuck with it, it may not have always looked like you were going to get the playing time that you are currently getting, did you think that eventually you would be a starter?

James Rogers: "I didn't think eventually I would be a starter or anything. Honestly, I felt that if the team ever needed me anywhere I was willing to do it. That's the whole mindset I've had and once I came here I knew I was going to leave my university with my degree, there was no question in my mind that I was ever going to leave this school. Football was getting on the field and what I'm doing now is extra benefit for what I've been doing so far."

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